Continuous Auditing

In many scholarly articles continuous auditing refers to a technique or structure that helps auditors to present documented results on a given subject via one or a series of simultaneous reports. This opportunity to present results of reports in a synchronized is important to users of audit documentations. Therefore, continuous auditing was created to assist … Read More»

Accounting Standards

Details Compare and contrast the process of accounting standard setting and financial presentation between these regulatory agencies Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Security Exchange Commission represents federal accounting agency that enforces applicable federal securities laws. The agency requires specific companies for instance, public business entities to comply with accounting guidelines known as Generally Accepted Accounting … Read More»

Company Research

Crown Limited is an Australian company that operates in gaming and entertainment industry. Its primary business is concentrated in Australia where it owns and operates two large resorts in Melbourne and Perth. Each of the resorts provides hotel, entertainment and gaming services. Crown Limited also holds 50% interest in large casinos in United Kingdom, Canada … Read More»

Financial Accounting

1.value:10.00 points Match each definition with its related term by selecting the appropriate letter in the space provided. There should be only one definition per term (that is, there are more definitions than terms). Definition: A. = Liabilities + Stockholders’ Equity. B. Reports assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity. C. Accounts for a business separate from … Read More»

Contribution Margin per Unit

Contribution margin per unit in this case the air cut is the amount by which sales or income revenue is goes beyond or exceeds the amount of variable costs. Contribution margin can be calculated as the total contribution margin and the contribution margin per unit (Pinson, 2008). The formula for the calculation is as follows; … Read More»

Performance evaluation

All organizations should evaluate their performance regularly to ensure that they achieve the set objectives. Performance evaluation enables the management to implement corrective measures in the normal operations of the business. The two performance measures that an organization can use include the balanced score card and the economic value added methods. HYPERLINK “\\\\\\\\the” The measures … Read More»

Tax liability

This is the total amount of tax that an entity or organization is under obligation to pay to the tax authority as a result of happening of a taxable event, using the appropriate tax rate. Gross Income The computation of the total taxable income begins with the calculation of the gross total taxable income. This … Read More»

Accounting Portfolio: Long & Associates

To begin with we would like to provide some background information about the case under consideration. Long & Associates (L&A) is looking for innovative employees who engage with their work. This is an organization with rapidly growing sales and expanding customer acceptance in the surf wear clothing target market 18-30 years. The clothing is sold … Read More»

Implement and Maintain Internal Control Procedures

Executive summary During its operation, every company can face some difficulties, connected with improper data representation, fraud or accounting irregularities. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences of such issues, every company introduces and implements internal control procedures within an internal control system that can be quite successful or not. Nevertheless, if you follow recommendations for … Read More»

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing has the main role of offering motivations for upfront investment and promoting intercompany transfer. When transfer prices are predetermined via negotiation, divisional executives will have inadequate investment motivations as a result of “hold-up” challenges while cost-based transfer method can evade such “hold-up” challenges. Transfer pricing will affect managers’ decisions to promote intercompany transfers … Read More»