MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS) The most common technology applied by MFIs is the management information system known as MIS. MIS is an integrated computer-based application used to access useful, timely and accurate information to allow the user to make appropriate decisions, and manage information effectively and efficiently. MIS includes modules such as loans portfolio tracking, … Read More»

ISACA Membership information

Full-time students can apply for the Student Membership in ISACA and get the following benefits: “unique educational opportunities, discounted products and publications, free access to research downloads, online communities and social networking, and local chapter membership where available”. (ISACA, 2012) Certifications and requirements (education & work experience) Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) The main requirement: … Read More»

Acquistion Analysis

The process of acquisition analysis (also known as due diligence procedure) is often conducted in order to ascertain the profitability of a certain transaction. In the present situation, several factors shall be accentuated: first and foremost, the presence of the pattern (market value $ 45 000 , which besides has not been classified as an … Read More»

Transfer Pricing in Organizations: benefits and disadvantages

What are the major benefits of using transfer pricing in organizations? What are the disadvantages?When a company decides to decentralize some of its operational activities, the financial operations between its departments, divisions or subsidiaries are usually actualized using transfer pricing. Transfer pricing is a useful instrument that can be used in managerial accounting to create … Read More»

Government assistance & how reducing CO2 will help in increase branding value for Wesfarmer

LNG is one of the numerous projects that emanate from the Free Market System and does not receive any governmental assistance. Indeed, the government discourages any initiative by LNG in protecting production of domestic natural gas. If the domestic demand outweighs the domestic natural gas production, developments by LNG are financially pretty. Currently, LNG market … Read More»


Patent can be described as a type of intellectual property that has a set of selected rights given by an independent state to the person who invented the property. The rights granted are for a period of time which in exchange they disclose their property to the public to use it. The processes of having … Read More»


Both have same elementary functionalities to assign material, work and operating costs to items and to provide means for computing unit item cost. Both use similar elementary processing accountants, including manufacturing costs, raw materials, work in process and processed goods. The flow of costs through the processing accounts is mainly similar in both systems. Differences: … Read More»

Financial and Managerial accounting

Doing business is not an easy task. It is associated with the process of making daily decisions, which are able to influence efficiency of this business. They are made by the different people – from a company’s managers to its clients. Obviously, in order to make these decisions effectively we need appropriate information basis. This … Read More»