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Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study
Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions is a nonprofit organization in New York City that
specializes in psychotherapy for individuals diagnosed with Post Traumatic Syndrome
Disorder (PTSD). The organization was created in 1998 by Mary Stewart. Mary recognized a
significant demand for therapeutic services in NYC for individuals suffering from PTSD.
Despite a large body of research showing the positive effects of psychotherapy on PTSD
symptoms, at the time, there were very few organizations in NYC that specialized in the
use of professional psychotherapeutic services to work with PTSD individuals.

Seizing the opportunity to provide a much needed service, Mary established Magnolia
Therapeutic Solutions (henceforth referred to as Magnolia) and ran the organization as the
Executive Director. Due to the unique position of the organization and a number of funding
sources willing to provide start-up grants to Magnolia, the organization grew quite
quickly. In 1998, the organization began with six employees, and each employee wore many
different hats to ensure the sustainability and growth of the organization. However, by
2000, the organization?s staff size had grown to 34. Thanks to the continued growth of
demand for services and the tangential supply of grant money, the organization was
performing quite well. Staff members were now no longer required to perform more than
their main task, the annual budget was now over $1.3 million, and the organization had
already received many prestigious awards and accolades for the services that they have
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