South Africa

Some things in South Africa are becoming better as we move into the 21st century, while others are becoming worse. The government in South Africa will become better in

The Poisonwood Bible

Orleanna Price is the only character in the novel that had to carry the burden of guilt through her life. She was a caring and loving mother of 4 children. Her children had different personalities, but they were all loved the same. Ever since the beginning she knew something horrible was about to happen. “She … Read More»

Somalia vs United States

Somalia is one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries (Campbell). Because of the Civil War, which broke out in 1991, much of Somalia’s economy has been devastated. The war left many homeless and drove them to raise livestock as a means of survival. The economy used to be based on exports of cattle, … Read More»

SADC: Recent Developments and Achievements

Regional groupings such as SADC aims to bring neighbouring countries into a league or association or union where they will be able to work together in terms of matters concerning politics, economics and development, the ultimate being regional integration. The concept of regional integration is nothing new. During biblical times the Canaanites comprising of different … Read More»


Rwanda’s population has traditionally been composed of Hutu,Tusi and Twa peoples. however, civil stife at independence and genocidal civil warin 1994 have altered these

Middle Passage

First of all it is important to examine how many African slaves were brought to the New World. The Middle Passage is infamous route of the ships that carried slaves to the Americas. After the arrival to the New World, the slaves were sold or exchanged for the valuable goods. The term Middle Passage might … Read More»


Background Information Government Formal Name: Republic of Madagascar DTA code: MA Government Type: Republic

Impoverished Nations

First of all, the Third and First Worlds need to be defined so that false assumptions are not made which would distort the facts. The Third World consists of the underdeveloped and developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The First World contains all the industrialised and capitalist nations of the World, including the … Read More»

Human Rights in Brazil

Brazil has three main ethnic groups-whites, blacks, and people of mixed ancestry. Most of the whites are from Europe. According to the Brazilian government whites make up about 60% of the nation’s population, and people of mixed races form about 30%. However, the government of Brazil counts many lightskinned people of mixed ancestry as white. … Read More»