The Mayans are American Indian people who lived in southern Mexico (Miller “Maya” Grolier). The Yucatan was the center of the Mayan civilization from about the 1st century B.C. (“Yucantan” Grolier). They flourished in Mexico and central America from 250 to 1600 A.D. (“History of Agriculture” Grolier). Their ancestors had crossed the Bering land Bridge … Read More»


present-day states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo, and in Belize, Guatemala,

Mary Chestnut’s Civil War

Mary learned to read at an early age, probably from her grandmother also. Soon she was using this new-found ability to teach a favorite servant to read. It was illegal in South Carolina to teach a slave to read or write, but Mary was a favored grandchild and her grandmother was proud of her ability. … Read More»


The growing economy and low unemployment mark a number of important reasons why homelessness persists. Also, homelessness can be seen in less secure jobs which offer fewer benefits .For example, The SEPTA strike has shut down all city bus, subway, and trolley service, since Monday. Many people are out of jobs because of this. If … Read More»

Health Comparison Post Civil War and 1950-2000

Great men and women constantly change the world that we live in today, whether they are politicians, scientists, religious leaders, musicians, engineers, or even celebrities. Likewise, brilliant minds created the modern world, by shaping the past with their ideas and their actions. The heroes of the past drastically altered the era that they lived in … Read More»


Today, tags are most commonly written the marker pen or spray-painted onto the building and apartment wall. The reasons why people tag vary widely. Some tag, such as a motto, slur or political statement, are used to mark or claim territory. Gang graffiti may also include the territory claimed by the gang. Often this is … Read More»

Foreign Policy – Imperialism

In 1823, America was still a young nation. Yet President James Monroe sent over a Doctrine telling world powers that they are not to try to reclaim Latin America. He did this out of fear. He believed that if European nations reclaimed Latin America, their rule there would enable them to possibly take over America. … Read More»