Art is life Essay

Art is life

Jenny walked into the small yet crowded caf? and moved as close to the counter as she
could. Scanning the place out of the corner of her eye, she checks to see if there could
even be a small corner open for her to squeeze into after she orders her coffee. Maybe
coming to this caf? wasn?t the best choice, she ponders. This place is full to the brim
with smelly dreads and unwashed clothing. Did she accidently walk into a soup kitchen? Her
judgement seems to be getting the best of her and she turns around only to end up tripping
over the person behind her and falling onto her hands and knees. Someone scrambles to help
her and she assesses the damage, a broken toe and a scraped up knee. Don?t they believe in
washing the floor? She?ll need a tetanus shot no less. Finally jenny adjusts her gaze to
the hand that helped her. Fighting the urge to pull away, she allows the guy to help her
up before looking into his face to apologize.

Mark watches as a woman a few feet ahead of him seems to have inner battle with herself
before finally ending on the floor. He attempts to help her up but can only see the
disgust she has for the place and quite possibly him, written all over her face. Whats
her deal? I could just leave her there. She brushes him off, mumbles an apathetic apology
and then pushes through a couple back out the door. Shrugging, he turns around and accepts
his usual coffee plus an extra in hopes to maybe catch the overly hasty lady outside the
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