Dada movement

Dada is an international movement in fine arts and literature that appeared as a feedback to horrors of World War I. Art elite influenced by this anti-war movement expressed their protest against the war, and against traditional views on culture expressed by society. The name of the movement was chosen randomly and is supposed to … Read More»

Performance and participation in the 20th century

This is an exhibition of the historical occurrences in various ways. They basically involve participants from different parts of the world; it is to show how diverse this exhibition is. These performing histories works are based on digging up an individual’s culture and social relations as well as defining their origin. The participants try to … Read More»

Venue discription

Throughout centuries art has been quite sensitive to changes and evolved to meet new challenges of society. By the beginning of the twenty-first century it was clear that pop art, music inclusive, had taken solid ground as part of social reality. The trend is that art is becoming increasingly active, rather than purely reflective, which … Read More»

Film Analysis – Rosmary’s Baby

Sinister and macabre: what is so creepy about the movie Rosemary’s Baby? This paper will contain a review and analysis of the film, based on the novel by Ira Levin. This is a 1968 classic American horror movie, directed by Roman Polanski. The thriller includes neither vivid horror scenes, nor do any monsters appear in … Read More»

Case Study

Introduction ”The song composed by the BlackEyedPeas entitled ” Where is the love? ” in liaison with other persons like John Flair constitutes a hip hop structure of music in U.S. The scriptwriter adapted the song coupled with the motive of instilling love in humanity (Whittington, 404). The plot touches on variant critical matters that … Read More»

Information Literacy and Critical Analysis Methodology

Jungmann makes comparison of paintings of Peach Blossom and Dream Journey with paintings of Guo Xia. His comparison perceptibly strengthens tips of Sherman and Fonga (Jungmann 108). Someone might argue that Gyeona’s preference of perspective owes to understandings of Guo Xia. This is because the impressive depiction of spatial depression implies that the painting is … Read More»

Greek vs Roman Sculpture

The works of the ancient Romans, unlike the Greeks, were dominated by symbolism and allegory. Accordingly, plastic images of the Greeks were replaced with a picturesque place by the Romans. Sculptures like maenads Scopas or Nike of Samothrace, were no longer created, but the unrivaled sculptural portraits with extremely accurate transmission of individual features of … Read More»

“Soap Opera” by David Ives

Soap Opera is a one-act comedy play by a contemporary American playwright David Ives. It is an amusing story about a maypole repairman Manny who turns out to be desperately in love with a washing machine. The opening scene of the comedy is very humorous, since the protagonist brings his beloved washer to a restaurant … Read More»

Forefront of Urban Art Culture

Cultural development is an integral characteristic of human development overall. People have always felt the need to express themselves and the most creative ones were quite successful in that expression. Nowadays, humanity is still evolving culturally, although contemporary art has its own peculiarities. The population of cities is growing quickly and people living there are … Read More»

The Bust of Lucius Verus

The bust of Lucius Verus reveals an intricately carved piece of marble representing Lucius Verus, one of the well known emperors of the ancient Rome despite being second in command. He served as a co-emperor in the period between 161 and 169 AD (Thompson 63) History reveals that Lucius was arguably hesitant to pose for … Read More»