Franz Liszt

The research paper elaborates on the life and work of one of the greatest pianists and composers of all time –Franz Liszt. The research paper begins with a detailed overview of the biography of Franz Liszt, continues on to the peculiar characteristics of the style period he belonged to, assesses the influence of Franz Liszt … Read More»

What do you think of when you hear the word “movie”?

What do you think of when you hear the word “movie”? Has your perception changed since reading this chapter? In what ways? Ordinarily, the word “movie” creates a rather positive train of thoughts, as to me, movie is associated with relaxation, esthetic pleasure and, well, an enjoyable pastime that is wonderfully and inevitably linked to … Read More»


“Master of suspense”. “King of horror”. “Pioneer of many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres” (Mogg, 2010). These epithets come to mind any time when we hear the name of one of the most outstanding film directors in the history of filmmaking. In many movies filmed by Alfred Hitchcock can be observed something … Read More»

Art Appreciation

1. Compare and contrast an example of additive and subtractive sculpture. Be sure to mention the title of the work and artist, the medium and how one is additive and one is subtractive. A sculpture which was created by means of adding material to a piece is called additive. A great example of an additive … Read More»

Recorder concert report

I Watched video of an Oct. 6, 2007, concert by Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music pianist Craig Nies performing “The Complete 48 Preludes and Fugues – The Well Tempered Clavier” by Johann Sebastian Bach, “Fantasia Baetica” by Manuel deFalla and “Polonaise-Fantasie” by Frédéric Chopin. Nies performed in Ingram Hall at the Blair School of … Read More»

Sangyoon Yoon

Sangyoon Yoon is considered to be one of the contemporary artists who de-familiarized their pictures in order to let people see quite ordinary things in a rather unusual way. In his photo, the artist focused his attention on the everyday life of people, on the tension and stress that they experience. He emphasized that the … Read More»

Uggs Outlet

Uggs are the comfortable and warm everyday shows. In the 1960s the Australian uggs became the most popular shoes among hippies. In the 1980s they won the USA and remain popular till now. They have a lot of advantages in comparison with the classical footwear: they are natural: they are made of a thick wool … Read More»

Franco-Flemish Composers, 1450-1520

Introduction During the 15th century, the political and social changes in Europe caused by the significant historical processes such as the Hundred Year War, the growth of the Spanish kingdom, and the cultural progress of Italy affected the development of Franco-Flemish composers’ dominance in music of the Renaissance period. The school of Franco-Flemish composers developed, … Read More»

Othello as a Tragic Hero

Othello is a classic tragic hero that stands out as distinguished individual failing in the encounter with evil. Brought to us through Shakespeare’s genius, he compares in significance to other personalities including Oedipus, Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet and other tragic heroes. This paper will focus on the explication of Othello as a tragic hero and … Read More»

The Lamb

There are several pairs of consecutive rhyming lines, and they each have four lines that don’t totally rhyme giving an “aa bb cc dd ee ff gh ii jk ll” rhyme scheme. Since, most of the time punctuation of a poem will determine its pace caesuras and end-stopped are used in the lines to vary … Read More»