Gene therapy summary

There is a number of diseases that can’t be treated with specific drugs or antibiotics because of their genetic nature. Genetic disorders involve a wide range of disasters caused by the improper functioning of a single gene or several genes. Drugs and antibiotics used by the classical medicine can just facilitate the state of the … Read More»


Question 1 Which statement is not true regarding fungi? Fungi are all prokaryotic cells. This is not true because fungi are eukaryotic in nature defining why their cells contain nucleuses which are covered by a membrane. In contrast, bacteria cells lack these membranes covering their nucleus, making them prokaryotic. Question 2 Asexual reproduction involves the … Read More»

Evolution and DNA

What is macroevolution? How does it differ from microevolution? What evidence do we find in the fossil record that indicates macroevolution has occurred? Macroevolution is the creation of new species, for example, reptiles from fishes or mammals from reptiles; but microevolution refers to adaptations to the environment that lead to differences within a certain species … Read More»

The Question for an AIDS Vaccine

Abstract The spread of the HIV virus could be the one of the main threat to the population of the world. There were many attempts to provide the infected people with the efficient vaccine. This research study shows the last attempts of the scientist to develop the vaccine to fight the HIV virus. It also … Read More»

Fruit Ripening and Seed Dispersal

Introduction The human tongue has taste buds work alongside neuroepithithelial cells to detect the taste of anything thing put in the mouth. Fruits are common in the human diet, but each has its own unique taste. Some are sweet, others bitter-sweet, sour, while others neither contain any taste. The difference in such tastes among the … Read More»