Romeo and Juliet/new ending

Romeo and Juliet lay in the tomb talking about how Romeo thought Juliet was dead and how he was going to kill himself. They discussed what they should do know, realizing that everyone thinks Juliet is dead and Romeo is in Mantua. Romeo and Juliet came to the conclusion that Juliet should tell her parents … Read More»

Son of Tears (9-44)

The following morning, Augustine awoke with a raging headache. After lying awake for a while he decided to go to mass. As he walked into the church he noticed the Pagan believers and decided to blatantly ignore them. He sat with the men and found himself to be very bored while in mass. His boredom … Read More»

hr management

There are several methods used by employees to recruit job applicants. Human resource recruiters can use traditional methods such as posting a job listing in a newspaper or hire an employment agency to search for job applicants. They may also choose to communicate with career office employees at universities and colleges to attract candidates, use … Read More»


In this article Ms. Tracy Burton speaks on the education of our children and the foundation of feminist leadership. She speaks about the women in New Zealand and all over on how they possess a strong value system, which takes commitment from the communities. She also states that feminist educational leadership rest on emancipators politics … Read More»

A Place to Reinvent Yourself

They call California the Golden State. This is the state that your wildest dreams can come true. Coming from Iowa this is exactly what I was hoping to come and find out. All I have wanted to do since I was in junior high was to come out to California and live my dream. Now … Read More»

Hiroshima (The Book)

Author: John Hersey Type of book: Non-Fiction Date Completed: May 10, 2002 Summary: The book, Hiroshima, is the story of six individuals who experienced the true effects of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. Miss Toshinki Sasaki, a clerk in the East Asia Tin Works factory, just sat down in the plant … Read More»

Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro, Born in Trujillo, Estremadura, Spain, in 1471. He was the son of Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisca Gonzalez, Francisco did not know how to read or write. He had little education throughout his life. His father was a captain of infantry and had fought in many battles. Pizarro always wanted to explore and sail. … Read More»

All Quiet On The Western Front themes

One of the main themes in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is Futility of War. The novel takes place during the Great War and takes place in France. Paul Baumer is the main character in the book along with many of his friends. In the book the theme of futility … Read More»

She’s Come Undone

The function of family is a key role surrounding Dolores’s obesity. Family cohesion, family adaptability and family boundaries play vital roles in Dolores’s health problems. Dolores has difficulty taking responsibility with her own health, and refuses to see a doctor for a physical required for college entrance. It ultimately takes a forceful act of her … Read More»