Partnering in China

How Chinese companies are set up? China is a modern economic «Klondike». Many international companies successfully conduct business in China, being competitive players in its market sector. A wide range of manufactured products makes this country an interesting and promising partner and low prices, quality of goods and ease of transport, allows one to create … Read More»

Global environment

Executive summary The paper discusses different types of economic systems (like socialism, state economy, and other economic systems), assesses how each economic system attempts to allocate resources effectively, explains the UK government policies (namely monetary, fiscal, social, and competitive policies) and assesses the impact of all the above-mentioned policies on a chosen UK based organization. … Read More»

Impact of Culture on International Business: Shell

Shell is one of the largest global companies, which operates in a diverse range of political, social and cultural environments. As the result, the company is to adapt its business model to the different cultures and enable members of multi – cultural teams to achieve engagement and improved performance. Although company’s global expansion provides a … Read More»

Chinese economy

Since the period of the Great Leap, Chinese economy changed a lot. Year after year it acquired characteristics of the free market economy and derogated from the principles of direct planning. After the fall of the Gang of Four, the country started to shift towards the principles of free economy: managers’ credentials were increased, decision-making … Read More»

“Resolving Ethical Business Challenges”

Frank had to convince Otis for to buy equipment from Thermocare. Salesman managed to do it twice by offering relatively cheap compliments. For the first time, he proposed to go to a Cubs game, and, for the second time, he invited him and his wife in Cancun. The third method was the organization of a … Read More»

Compensation Philosophy

A compensation philosophy of an organisation is a set of basic principles that drive its decision making process about compensation of labour, which is wage, salary, bonuses etc. The main values within our current compensation philosophy are motivation and performance or employees. Thus, it implies such goals as attracting and retaining the highest performing employees … Read More»

IHG Risk Management

IHG’ risk management goals are necessarily aligned to its core purpose which is ‘Great Hotels Guest Love’. IHG particularly aims at championing and protecting its trusted reputation of the company as well as its brands. It also seeks to become a one team which works together towards making and keeping the business fulfilling, resilient and … Read More»


Apple’s Responsibility Audit Report: Is Apple Really Responsible?Examine the business practices of Apple and consider whether these activities demonstrate responsible corporate behavior. Companies are much more than institutions made for the sake of profit. They directly affect the environment, communities, workers, etc. Therefore companies should work at the highest levels of responsibility and take into … Read More»

Uniform Commercial Code

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is an all-inclusive code the addresses various features of commercial law. Moreover, it is perceived as a significant development in American law. Experts in commercial law are involved in drafting and writing the code and approved by the National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State laws. The UCC is a … Read More»