Business Ethics and Sustainability

The present stage of the development of economy and society is characterized by the socialization of business caused by public, political and economic factors. The increasing interest is shown to social, ecological and ethical aspects of any company’s activity along with the economic one. An objective need is the formation of social responsibility of managing … Read More»

Assessment of the work processes

Introduction Scientific and technological progress determines the increasing complexity and variety of work processes in different business spheres. Problems in development of working processes are to remain relevant, as a consequence. We can say with confidence that this trend will continue in the future. At the same time it must be noted that attention to … Read More»

Company E-mails

To Subject: Production improvement I’m glad to inform you that our production has improved by 10% in the last three months of operation. This has been realized in the analysis of our quarterly report. This is the highest increment in production that has been realized by our plant in the last five years. It is … Read More»

Organisational Design & Organisational Behaviour

Although there are usually no strict patterns in the governing structure of most of the businesses, all of them nonetheless share some degree of organizational design (May 2005). In doing so, to achieve different goals, complete various tasks, and meet specific requirements companies often rely on their staff as the most valuable commodity at their … Read More»

Public Corporation

Institution There have been rapid changes in technology in the 20th century. The changes have been crucial drivers of globalization. The developments in computerization, telecommunication and transportation has slashed the costs operation and increased the speed and ease with transmitting of people, goods and information. In many cases, Coca Cola sees globalization as an aspect … Read More»

Major Trade Theories

Absolute advantage A country, individual, or firm has an absolute advantage in producing a good if production of the good absorbs fewer resources (or less time, in the case of an individual) than are required in other countries or by other individuals or firms. (Ralph Byrns) This is one of the most important basic concepts … Read More»

The importance of logistics.

“Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time” (Logistics World). The term logistics is very popular nowadays. A job in this area becomes promoted too. There are more and more companies that propose these kinds of service. There are already high institutions that prepare correspondent experts for this area; … Read More»

What is the key to success of Honda in the Indian Market?

“Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., (HSCI) is a leading manufacturer of premium cars in India which was established with a commitment to provide Honda’s latest passenger car models and technologies, to the Indian customers. The company is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan” (Company Profile: 2012). Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is the international … Read More»

Merck & Co. vs. South African Government

HIV/AIDS is one of the diseases that has plagued Africa and has taken millions and millions of lives. South Africa is one of the worst affected countries by this plague. There have been endless issues surrounding the issue of patents and the violation of all these patents by the South African country and this being … Read More»

Professional Business Writing

Nowadays television and other mass media are constantly bombarding us with news on floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. Indeed, climate has been experiencing severe changes during the last 50 years. It is caused by a constantly increasing speed of economic development and technical progress which are followed by an increasing amount of air … Read More»