Contemporary Art Essay

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

Compare and Contrast Writing Assignment

The three contemporary pieces of art that I decided to compare and

contrast all come from one artist, contemporary Japanese artist Takashi

Murakami. I came across this artist years ago after listing to Kanye West 3rd

album The Graduation. I was so impressed by the album cover art work I decided

to look up the artist and found out Takashi was much more than just a drawer, he

is a painter a sculptor and an over all creative genius when it comes to his

different forms of contemporary media. He creates a world of cartoon like

creatures using vivid colors almost remind me of a cartoon representation of a

really crazy acid or mushroom experience. His art gallery entitled “EGO”

showcased the different forms of art Takashi can create, I chose a painting, a

sculpture and an installation that I will compare and contrast from his exhibition.

Takashi’s painting titled “Mr. DOB” was created with acrylic paint on

canvas. It is a 2D art piece with a composition give depth to the creatures drawn

in the painting. Takashi draws the main figure high up and puts other creatures in

the foreground so you can get the perception that you’re looking up at this

massive creature he created. He used very vibrant colors like teal blue, bright

pink and yellow, the world and beasts he created are fictional so the odd colors

make them stand out and give them their own worldly feel. “Mr. DOB’ is very

abstract, although the characters are completely made up, he paints them in a

way that you can still relate their actions to a feeling. The painting gives me a

sense of death, although it is a very bright piece, it is very chaotic and the

creatures seem to be shooting each other or at war.

“Flower Matango” was a piece he created as an installation for his gallery.

It consist of bright abstract smiling-flower wallpaper on the walls and floor, a

painting and a matching smiling-flower sculpture in the center as its main focal

point, that was created to fit the entire space. This installation was made to

engulf you as you experience it. All the flowers are very colorful, five pedal

flowers with a smile face for the center. There’s really no limit on the colors used

to create the flowers, the brighter the color the better. The sculpture is made of

soft cotton stuffed pillows figures that the exact same flower pieces as the

painting and wallpaper, just 3D. In this insulation he utilized both the 3D and 2D

components of art expression. This installation although visually bright like his

painting “Mr. DOB” conveys a very different message. Where the other once is

pure chaos this piece is sure joy. Every flower created whether painted or

sculpted all have a small face. I feel as if the subject matter is that we as society

smile to one another and think we’re individuals when really, we’re all the same.

He represents that’s with all the flowers being different colors, but they all look

alike and every single one has the exact same smile. It almost gives off a sense

of fakeness.

The third media is a 20-foot 3D inflatable sculpture of him titled by his first

name “Murakami.” It is an exact replica of the artist himself. The focal point of this

peace would be his large 4 foot hand reaching out as to be giving or reactive
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