There is another type of hero that almost no one is aware of. In the poorest areas of the country, live mostly minorities and other ethic background. All their lives they’ve been expected to work harder and expected not succeed in life. Some individuals living in poverty with a determination to succeed work hard all … Read More»

Being Eleven

First of all, there are many advantages of being eleven. For instance my parents trust me more. My parents let me stay home alone instead of having a babysitter. They also let me go to movies without them leading me by the hand. My parents don’t act so paranoid about me staying in the yard … Read More»

The Smell

It was 10:30PM, she was watching Melrose Place and her brother was upstairs, sleeping like an angel. “Well at least I have peace now.” she thought, boy would she be wrong.

The Shop

SMASH Elizabeth jumped again. The noise was replaced by the loud, sharp shriek of an electric drill gnawing at the wall. The ground seemed to shake at the loud, shrill noise. Elizabeth covered her ears. She was very annoyed now. The noise next door has been going night and day for the past three days, … Read More»

The Secrets of “Hunters in the Snow”

The first character introduced in the story is Tub. Tub is portrayed as being rather large. The reader’s first image of Tub is when Kenny says, “He looks just like a giant beach ball with a hat on…”(117). Tub’s inner conflict is his weight, which he lies about throughout the story. Tub is obviously self … Read More»

The Rewards of Homeschooling

Learning early is the most important element in a child’s educational experience. It is never too early to start teaching them. It represents a great investment of time, love, patience and consistency that will pay off in the end. In the other hand a child can be taught easier in the comfort of his home, … Read More»

The Red Shoes

Disobedience is a sin, and according to the Christian belief it is what started the demise in the heavens above, so anybody who commits it must suffer. Whatever sins man commits in his lifetime he is punished for them. If only he repents for his sins can he be forgiven and at least he can … Read More»

The Mirrors

enhanced by the smooth, silver glass. He looked up out of the old boxes he was rummaging through to find the rest of his dimly lit garage. He could hear kids playing outside and he

The Ice Cream Incident

November 18, 2002 There inevitably comes a time during the course of your life where everything you are employs itself to seek revenge from a friend or loved one. This paradoxical concept drives you to the point of hating someone you care dearly for. In the end, the typical result is absolute regret. This moment … Read More»