What I learned from this Bible prespective class

What I Learned from this Bible Perspective ClassTo my mind the Bible perspective class was very important for me, due to several reasons. First of all, the Bible is the most popular book in the world appreciated by billions of people of different religions and worldviews. Every well-educated person must understand the role of this … Read More»

Food and culture

Food is an essential part of our culture because gastronomy can be considered as some kind of art, particularly the art of eating, whereas culinary is the art of cooking. Frequently this cultural aspect of the food we eat is not taken into consideration because many people perceive the food no more than a physical … Read More»

Portrayal of Muslims in Television and Online media

In the view of the latest worldwide events related to the YouTube broadcasting of the movie “The Innocence of Muslims” and the protest encompassing many Arab countries along with banning of the movie in some Arab (and non-Arab) countries, it would be most proper to discuss the portrayal of Muslims in television and online media … Read More»


Buddhism is one of the most ancient world religions. It originated in India in the middle of the 1st millennium BC. Buddha is regarded as a God and in Sanskrit means “enlightened supreme knowledge”. According to a legend, after the endless rebirths Buddha came to earth to fulfill his rescue mission and show mankind the … Read More»

Communication writing

Introduction The media is one of the most commonly applied modes of communication in the 21st century. Communication is a very important tool in the society and the world at large. Communication should efficient and effective and easily understood by the recipient. As much as communication is important in the current world, there are major … Read More»

Response Paper on Hinduism

Hinduism originated in India about 2000 B.C. (Sen 13). There is no person who founded the religion but research suggests that it evolved for thousands of years. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions that exist (Sen 15). The Hindu scriptures have passed through centuries of editing, and it has a miscellaneous structure of belief. … Read More»

Confucianism vs legalism

To start with, it is worth mentioning some interesting facts about the foundations and nucleation of both Legalism and Confucianism, as it is almost impossible to evaluate properly the importance of this or that philosophy without investigating thoroughly its origin, causes and conditions of its nucleation and so on and so forth. Confucianism is the … Read More»

Brief film history

Question 1:This is because of the changing world movies are becoming popular and people analyzing them based on their opinions and perspectives of the movie. Therefore, the primary knowledge of film history is irrelevant, as it does not enable people to describe or criticize such movies because due to their varied cultures and environments there … Read More»

History of film industry

Why is knowledge of film history invaluable in looking at movies and analyzing them? Knowledge of film history is invaluable in looking at movies and analyzing them because the target consumer of film is often an ordinary viewer who may be quite ignorant of any kind of specific knowledge to analyze, judge, review, etc., the … Read More»