Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash Essay

Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash

Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash
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July 31, 2014 ,
On July 31, 2014 a 34-year-old Sukhvinder Rai from Brampton is being charged with one
count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, and one count of having a blood alcohol
level exceeding 80 milligrams while operating a motor vehicle. As a result of these
charges, his licence has been suspended for 90 days. For the shutdown on one of the
busiest highways in the province after a truck slammed into scaffolding at the top of the
Skyway Bridge, stopping all traffic heading towards Toronto. OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt
speaks out and says Impaired driving is one of the key priorities we have to keep our
highways safe and one of the leading causes of injury and death.

I choose this Topic story because, it is a major issue with teens around my age, and
knowing that it cause a large amount of deaths every year. Touches my heart, it is not
responsible and I believe this should not happen but it still does yet people know the
dangers of it. Yet fortunately nobody was hurt in this accident I could have been worse on
many terms.

My special intentions go to all families who has lost someone to impaired driving, and all
the ones who have been injured caused by impaired driving, also R.I.P to all the fallen


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