Comparison of packaging material

Introduction Packaging materials are basic commodities to different manufacturing industries because their products have to reach consumers in perfect condition. While choosing a packaging material, the industry considers the supply chain which is a network or suppliers, distributors, storage facilities, transporters and retailers who participate in the production, sale and delivery of a product to … Read More»

How to save money while saving the environment

In many homes and offices, one of the main sources of heavy power consumption is the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, also referred to as HVAC. Amann, Ackerly and Wilson (17), say that reducing the temperature from the central heating system by 1% can subsequently cut energy costs by 10% (64). Drapes that are … Read More»

Diesel particluate filters

General information During the combustion of diesel fuel, substances of different types and form are produced. The work of a cold engine is usually accompanied by emissions of white or blue smoke formed droplets of unburned or partially oxidized hydrocarbons, and the emissions of aldehydes whose presence in the exhaust gas is easily recognized by … Read More»