Why Canadian Cable Companies and Telecoms Are in Trouble

Canadian telecommunications industry is very specific in terms of its supply – amount of companies and conditions of entering the market in this country are rather different when comparing with the most of developed countries. Incumbent cable companies have created a cozy oligopoly inside the country and are setting their prices, inflating own revenues. Consumers … Read More»


Russia was not a very popular country among the local and foreign tourists. The reason was that foreign tourists perceive Russia “as a mysterious and dangerous destination and its two largest cities Moscow and St Petersburg have well-earned reputations as expensive places to visit.” As for the domestic tourism, its main flows were generally directed … Read More»

ECON396 assignment

There are several factors why the southern EU countries have performed relatively poor than the northern ones. One of them is that prices rose far faster in the peripheral countries like Greece, Spain, and Portugal. In Greece, for example, prices between 2000 and 2007 rose by eight percentage points, and for Spain it was seven … Read More»

Legalization of Abortion in Uruguay: Pros & Cons

Executive Summary Uruguay is a developed country both economically as well as socially in the group of upper-middle income countries. It is worth to emphasize in this context that the Uruguay’s social policy is always at the forefront of social changes. The country’s experiences low birth rate that causes inadequacy of qualified workforce and pension … Read More»

The purpose of this exercise is to examine and critically review the existing literature on the theory about macroeconomic linkages to agriculture, and empirical evidence on this relationship.

Such situations are reminders to economists, for instance, the agricultural economists, that macroeconomics is a matter to be addressed. Agriculture as an industry is vulnerable to risks (Shane & Liefert, 2010). Farmers and the agribusiness owners are, therefore, advised to be alert on matters affecting the sector. They are expected to at the all-time monitor … Read More»

Economic Impact

Minimum wage means minimum sum of money that workers get per hour for their work. It is set by the government in order to protect unskilled and inexperienced workers from self will of employers and provide them with normal conditions of living for this wage. At first time federal minimum wage was adopted in the … Read More»

Principles of Microeconomics

The main concern of the present paper are the basic principles of the microeconomics including the issues related to supply and demand as the main constituents of the market. According to the information provided in the third chapter to understand the main principles of microeconomics the following concepts should be taken into account: a competitive … Read More»


Kenyan International TradeNameInstitution of AffiliationKenyan International TradeInternational trade among countries involves exporting and importing of goods and services among countries to try and create a balance of payment. Countries dealing with unique goods have absolute advantage compared to their trading partners in dealing with some of the trade goods in the world market (International Trade, … Read More»


Vaccination programs are very important and they have a dramatic impact on mortality and morbidity both of adults and children. The effort to extend vaccination was started in 1974 all over the world by the expanded program on Immunization which was founded by the World Health organization. Since then the practice of immunization allowed eradicate … Read More»