Educating African Americans Essay

Educating African Americans

Educating African Americans
University of Phoenix
July 9, 2015

“A Decade of Reconstruction” is one of my favorite pieces in the Literature of
Reconstruction to the New Negro Renaissance chapter. With life as many African Americans
knew if there life had changed for the better, but it was sad to read that many stayed and

worked for the same people that owned them. “Under new institutions such as sharecropping
and the convict-lease system, most African Americans, especially those living in the
states of the former confederacy, continued to work on farms, often in service to the same
people who had once owned them” (The Norton Anthology of African American literature
Volume 1, pg.509) The positives is that the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were
subsequently created to help improve the conditions of the African American community in
America. The 13th Amendment (1865) outlawed slavery the 14th Amendment (1868) provided
equal protection to African Americans under the law, and the15th Amendment (1870) granted
suffrage to black men. ” (The Norton Anthology of African American literature Volume 1,

Another piece was “Literacy as Liberation”. The most interesting to part to know was there
were African Americans at the time that published textbooks of Greek grammar and
interpretations of the literature. They were William Sanders Scarborough and Anna Julia
Cooper. People like them found that education in literature was essential for the African
American community to grow. During this time African American began to create Biographies
about other important African Americans in their history. Some of these titles include
Life and Public Service of Martin R. Delany (1868) by Francis L Rollin, and Fredrick
Douglas (1899) by Charles Chesnutt. ” (The Norton Anthology of African American literature
Volume 1, pg.516) These biographies played a part in not only letting the African American
community know about their history, but also to show Anglo-Americans that blacks have
played a major role in shaping America.
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