Childhood Studies in Aotearoa – New Zealand

We all know that childhood is regarded to be a biological stage of human development during which a child obtains some knowledge, which may be significant in later life. Socially, the notion of a child was always marked by social protection and lack of social responsibility due to family roots with parents. Historically, childhood is … Read More»

Teacher-Implemented Prelinguistic communication Intervention

Teacher-Implemented Prelinguistic communication Intervention is a case study conducted by Rebecca B. McCarten to address the issue of exploration of the efficacy of a prelinguistic intervention which is implemented by classroom teachers in the ongoing daily activities of one special education preschool classroom. The case study involves two participants. These are a teacher and a … Read More»

Data Collection and Sample Population

Selecting suitable sample populations and understanding the process of data collection are important elements of research. Let us discuss sampling and data collection that will be used to answer the following question: Is it better to give students the homework or complete all of the tasks in the class? In order to answer the aforesaid … Read More»

Breaking Down Words to Build Meanings: Morphology, Vocabulary, & Reading Comprehension in the Urban Classroom

Abstract This paper observed Spanish- speaking English language learners and native English speakers’ ability to use morphology to attack complex words and improve reading comprehension in the fourth and fifth grade. It also explored how the relationship changed between the fourth and fifth grade. As vocabulary demands of text increase in the upper elementary and … Read More»

Age Appropriateness

By observing teaching practices in a group of children from 3 to 5 years old, it is important to point out four major characteristics such as age appropriateness, individual appropriateness, social appropriateness, and cultural appropriateness. It is important to note that the group of children consists of 2 Arabic, 3 Indian families, and the rest … Read More»

Professional Dispositions

The most important fact to keep in mind when you choose future profession is whether or not you have a true calling to do that work. Furthermore, each profession needs devotion and determination which can be truly achieved only when the person truly loves what they do. Especially important it is for future teacher who … Read More»

Creating and Administering Formative Assessments

“Creating and Administering Formative Assessment” Creating Formative AssessmentWhen creating formative assessment, the teacher should first realise the purpose of the assessment and then set the goals they expect from the assessment. From the earlier assessment, I realized that the students had not been attentive to one of my learning goals. Some students failed to respond … Read More»

Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana also known as cannabis is a psychoactive drug also used for medical purposes. It is the most-consumed illicit drug in the world. Its widespread consumption, particularly by teenagers, as well as its medical use makes legalization of marijuana a very controversial issue, especially in light of Initiative 502 passed in Washington State on November … Read More»