Language Art

Learning Objectives: Students will listen the story about fall foliage; Students will have a walk outside to observe trees and their colors, to gather different leaves and fruit and act out the song “Leaves on the trees”; Students will compare and describe objects they have brought from outside. These activities will be provided to systemize … Read More»

KATUSA Program in the United States

Abstract The given research paper analyzes the origins, objectives, failures and achievements of the KATUSA program. Language barrier, poor military training, cultural differences are commonly regarded as the main factors which had a negative influence on Korean draftees’ military performance in the initial stages of the war. The KATUSA program was beneficial for both Koreans … Read More»

Incidental Learning Opportunities for Toddlers

Environments To be a tree is a great experience to start with, which simply means repeating the movements of trees when wind blows. This experience can be easily integrated into the daily routine, for example while walking around park or forest. Trees cannot walk; all they can do is stand still and swing with the … Read More»

Correcting Classroom Behavior

“Education can only flourish in an atmosphere of order and respect for all students.” (Quin et al., 2000). However, when a child manifests emotional and behavioral problems, this could lead to negative implications not only for this child, but also for children of the same age. In my placement I faced a child who always … Read More»

Data Analysis and Evaluation of Findings

Introduction The process of studying has to be effective: whenever a student spends his/her time on it, there should be a positive result. We are used to measuring the results of studying in scores, and final grades in particular. When we deal with online courses, there are two kinds of studying: when a group is … Read More»

Good Job Article

In his article, Alfie Kohn asserts that praising children and approving their actions in the habitual way is not as effective as some parents used to think. The author does not try to tell that parents should not praise their children, he tries to convince that there are some more effective ways to support and … Read More»

Gifted Project

The traditional form of education which is based on the age needs and demands of a child does not seem to be effective for gifted children who have special academic and social needs at an earlier age. Their readiness and motivation to reach higher academic results and achievements are not included to the curriculum of … Read More»

Comparing & Contrasting

Conclusions of Life Before comparing and contrasting works “I Used to Live Here Once” by Jean Rhys and “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost it is necessary to mention that both of them have the same theme is traveling through life in the broad sense. Protagonists in both works are being always in the … Read More»

Communication Skills

All communication skills, be it family system exploration or ability to maintain efficient interpersonal contacts, are equally important for a person in position to cooperate with and help others. While verbal communication skills are more connected to our work of mind and can be consciously controlled, non-verbal communication is more subtle and usually we do … Read More»

Assessment and Critical Reflection

Assessment and critical reflection In my degree program, I managed to acquire sufficient knowledge, skills and values for different subjects and disciplines. While I was a student, I would perform various assignments that my lectures offered me, and I would do them within a specified period. I had a strict lecturer, especially the one who … Read More»