Use of Comparison in “Excess of the high seas”

In a place where steamers and tall ships move with difficulty to their ports, cruise ships now shimmer and display, carrying cargoes of sweet-toothed retirees, conventioneers and honeymooners. The ocean seems quite dissimilar from the situation of the wasteland (Mark, 2003). The ocean is inexplicably unfathomable and constitutes old sailor wisdom plus triumphs and disappointments … Read More»

LMU short answers

Attending Loyola Marymount University has been my childhood dream. I would like to attend this university to further my education. I believe the University programs will allow me to take on a major. This is a noteworthy variance from other schools I attended, which need scholars to engross in a wide choice of courses irrespective … Read More»

The Boy in the Mirror

The boy in the mirror is a poetic metaphor created by James McBride in his outstanding work “The Color of Water”. This book is highly personal and it touches the most burning themes that worried the author, and the most essential of them is the problem of racial and ethnic identification. James McBride belongs to … Read More»

Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits

Richness and poverty have been antonyms since dim and distant past. As a matter of fact they define not only concepts of economics and social life, but well create psychological images in people’s mind. No longer we doubt that the rich think in much more different manner than the poor do which is logically presupposed … Read More»

My Worst Job

My Worst Job I strongly believe that being a military man I can bring a lot of benefits to my company as well as to the whole community. I was eager to serve in the army and to learn how to defend people. I put the goal to be as successful in my life as … Read More»

Issues and Problems

In most cases, aggressiveness of children stems from an unhealthy family environment. Therefore, the question of many mothers: “What makes a child aggressive and how to deal with this phenomenon?” can be answered differently in many ways. It all depends on what is meant by this question. What is more, it is also essential to … Read More»

Bumping In to Mr. Ravioli

21st century is objectively called the age of information. I would call the generation born at the end of 20th century and taking their 1st steps of the independence life in the 21st century the busy generation or the generation of Mr. Ravioli. The way of life of a person who belongs to this generation … Read More»

Short Story

This story happened on one of those autumn days when the weather is not too cold as in winter, or too hot as in summer, and there is a rich smell of burning leaves in the air. This is my favorite time of the year when it is so pleasant to have a holiday outdoors. … Read More»