The Lorax on Easter Island

The history of Easter Island civilization is a vivid example of the terrible consequences of human greed and excessive desire to satisfy their immediate needs. Giving praise to their gods, the islanders completely destroyed the palm forests. This great natural disaster led to a chain of destructions of the natural habitats of many birds and … Read More»


1. Difference between functional and product (service) oriented layoutsFunctional oriented layout is a manufacturing or warehouse frame work that arranges its operations in groups according to the function or technology they are used for. For instance, a machine shop, where machines performing similar work are located in one place. All saws in one place and … Read More»

Stop Over Fishing

FishingIt is not a secret for anybody that our planet violently suffers from the human activity. For the last century the situation has deteriorated so much because of the development industry and agriculture, growth of new technologies, and global pollution that the scientists predict the end of the life on the Earth in the nearest … Read More»

Power Station Cost-Benefit Analysis

Power Station Cost-Benefit Analysis The building of a power station undoubtedly bears consequences to the entire region’s economical and environmental situation. The power station as a generator of electric power is a considerable source of power that can provide energy not only for its location, but to the part of the country. On the other … Read More»

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy In the contemporary world, energy needs are constantly increasing. This has necessitated energy stakeholders to search for alternative energy sources to satisfy these needs (Evans, 2008). In addition, they have to address the challenge of sustainability and longevity of the energy source. The principal energy source in the U.S. for years has been … Read More»


Energy is an indirectly observed quantity that is often understood as the ability of a HYPERLINK “” \o “Physical system” physical system to do HYPERLINK “” \o “Work (physics)” work on other physical systems (Source 3). However, this must be understood as an overly simplified definition, as the laws of HYPERLINK “” \o “Thermodynamics” thermodynamics … Read More»

Stop Overfishing

Millions of people enjoy fishing as it is a very fascinating activity. Many fishermen could spend hours by this activity without any notion of time. The real fisherman does not care about a beautiful beach nearby, nor does he care too much about good weather. Moreover it is not that important for him how much … Read More»

Air Quality

The problem of the mutual relations in the system “person – nature – civilization” is among the eternal philosophical problems. Without going too far into the history of its formation and development, the first ecological crises of a local character had been known since the ancient times, and they were the basis which served an … Read More»

The pain in nonhuman animals

Although it is difficult to identify and measure pain in nonhuman animals (Anil, et. al., 2005), most veterinary specialists are unanimous about the idea that they experience pain (Flecknell, 2000). The pain in animals is a significant welfare issue, and the most obvious causes of it include injury, diseases, and veterinary procedures, including dehorning or … Read More»