Hydraulic Fractuing

The “Gasland” documentary by Josh Fox is an attempt to draw attention to the issues associated with a rapid intensification of hydraulic fracturing across America. The author depicts a gloomy picture, highlighting the negative consequences that derive from the application of that technology. This paper contains an analysis of the problem from a number of … Read More»

Portfolio Analysis: Reducing Carbon Footprint

Recently, I have reviewed the investments in my portfolio and realized that the carbon footprint connected to my investments is relatively large. However, my oil company stock also pays for the family holidays each year. In addition, the company’s website says that it uses a high proportion of its profits to invest in green and … Read More»

Saving money while saving the environment

Saving Money While Saving the Environment Nowadays, the problem of the environmental pollution has become very important all over the world. The problem is that the majority of people lives in rural areas and produces too many pollutants in the air, which contributes to the worsening of the environmental situation. An interesting question arises: What … Read More»

The Problem of Hazardous Waste Disposal

Introduction The particular features of the modern lifestyle are closely associated with producing a lot of waste of different types, and the process can be discussed as a result of developing consumption principles. The problem is in the fact that the significant amounts of waste can be considered as hazardous, and this waste requires specific … Read More»

Process Safety Metrics Program

Process Safety Metrics Program – A Successful Case Study On the whole, the Process Safety Metrics program is an important initiative that is destined to identify, assess and prevent negative consequences in the workplace. The program is essential for enterprises which are characterized by a potentially dangerous production process (for example, biodiesel production). It is … Read More»

Environmental issues

The food industry of the USA has recently come under severe scrutiny from the public. The way food is produced has changed dramatically in the past 20-30 years. Two films, “Tapped” and “Food, Inc.,” unveil multiple issues behind the billion-dollar profits of food companies. Environmental justice is a multidimensional notion, which, according to Lee, has … Read More»

Why We Pollute the Environment?

The problem of the environment protection and ecological situation is an extremely acute problem. Every year life conditions are getting worse in the cities, especially in industrial centres, because the intensity of natural resources, surface water, soil usage and exploiting is very high. This process is accompanied by the destruction of the natural landscape and … Read More»

Mechanical Engineering

Outline Thesis Statement: Mechanical engineering is crucial in daily life finding applications in nearly all gadgets that simplify life like aeroplanes, automobiles, train, generators, and others. Introduction: Mechanical engineering is a branch of science that deals with the manufacturing, production, planning, and designing of innovations aimed at improving the quality of life. Body: Products associated … Read More»