How media can be moral and immoral

Notion morale can be observed as the rule, law and prescription. In contemporary philosophical literature we understand morale as rectitude, special form of the social conscience and type of social relations, which is one of the core methods of the actions’ regulation within society. Therefore, morale appears and develops on the basis of society need … Read More»

Social Networking

Social networking is a communications technology that has assisted many people to interact across the globe. The concept has received a significant growth partly due to innovation in internet technology advancements. However, the progress in information technology requires taking in consideration the basic ethical standards. The reason is that information technology may pose serious ethical … Read More»


Corruption is a western concept and is not applicable to traditional societies, where corruption does not have such a negative meaning. Many traditional societies with a “gift culture” have a different understanding of civil responsibilities and etiquette. The social structure and political traditions of many countries are based on the beneficial exchange of rewards for … Read More»

Case Study – Ethics

Case one: Family business Compensation/Discrimination The point of contention in this case resonates on the need for confidentiality in the payment protocols in the company and that or moral choices facing employees. Jane has just been hired as the head of payroll department. According to the ethical considerations of this company, she is not supposed … Read More»

Influence of Media on society

Introduction Today, media’s boom influences all aspects of human life, which leads to realizing the importance of people’s social consciousness, their communication, interaction and relationships in all spheres of life. In fact, modern life conditions make an individual accept public opinion and social culture. These public opinion and social culture do not emerge from anywhere. … Read More»

Siamese Twin

The ethiсаl problems relаted to саring for сonjoined twins аre perplexing аnd сomplex. They involve questions of mediсаl аnd сliniсаl unсertаinty аs well аs problems rаnging from the role of the fаmily in deсisions for impаired newborns to issues of soсiаl justiсe. Beсаuse these births аre extremely unсommon, mediсаl аnd ethiсаl disсussion аbout the саre … Read More»

The ethics of engineering work

One of the important and common species of Professional Conduct is an engineering ethics. As a set of rules governing the behavior of an engineer, it began to form a long time ago. Among its standards include such as the need to faithfully execute their work, create a device that would bring people to the … Read More»

Intellectual property in China

Not surprisingly, the principal philosophical theory applied to the protection of utilitarian works – that is, technological inventions – has been utilitarianism (Merges, et al., 1997, pp. 135-136 hereinafter cited as MMLJ; Machlup, 1958). Intellectual property is the ownership of intangible and non-physical goods. This includes ideas, names, designs, symbols, artwork, writings, and other creations. … Read More»

Sexual Suppression as a Dangerous Relic of the Past

It is possible to argue that human sexuality is a complex concept, which is an integrated interaction of biological, psychological and sociocultural factors. Human sexuality can be regarded an innate need and a function of the human body, similar to the processes of respiration, digestion, etc. Consequently, sexual repression is fraught with numerous negative psychological … Read More»