Napoleon’s Failure to Dominate Europe

In France, Napoleon used his power to make many reforms in all aspects of life. He incorporated a national bank, public schools, and constructed new roads. With these changes, he also enforced the Concordat of 1801 and the Napoleonic Codes of Law. While the Concordat focused mainly on Church affairs, the Code Napoleon covered a … Read More»

The Reign of Terror

The radicals brought changes quickly to the people. They created a calendar with no Sundays for the evilness of religion. Cards were changed from kings and queens to liberties and equalities. In other words, they blew the revolution out of proportion. Robespierre went crazy with his power; he judged who was an enemy and guillotined … Read More»

The Reformation of the Church of England

However, the reformation should not have taken place with violence. The revolts and robbing is a reason why the reformation should have been prevented and stopped. The good people and clergy should have settled their problems with communication, not uproar and commotion. Also, princes used Luther’s ideas for their own personal good to gain power … Read More»

The Protestant Reformation

Our standpoint politically was well modified also. Throughout the reformation, our religious group was in argument with another. The Christian faith, we use to have, was now being split up at a disorderly pace. What once was all Roman Catholic, was now split up in Lutheran, Calvinist, The Church of England, and also the Roman … Read More»

The Most Effective Absolute Rulers in my Opinion

In my opinion, Europe’s most exemplary and effective absolute monarch was King Louis XIV of France. Louis XIV was the Sun King who ruled from 1661 to 1715. I think he was a great absolute effective monarch for an appropriate time period, despite some of his negative contributions to his country. He was an intelligent, … Read More»

The Italian Wars

Introduction: The key issues over which the Italian Wars were fought were primarily financial incentives for Charles VIII of France. He declared that he intended to use Naples as a base to drive the Ottomans out of Europe and liberate Constantinople. In actual truth his main motivation was self-glory and the mouth-watering prospect of acquiring … Read More»

The Irish Question

Fifty years later, reformists still wished for the national revolution against imperialism. Ireland wished for a free country, where they could plan their own destiny, and be the sole owner of the materials that are upon their soil. James Connolly, a person who based his ideas on Internationalism, wanted national freedom as a step towards … Read More»

The Industrial Revolution

during the Industrial Revolution and why? In Britain about two hundred years ago, great changes took place in making goods and transport, which has moulded the way our world works today. These changes made big differences to many people’s lives and work methods; and put together these are called the Industrial Revolution. They started in … Read More»