First Grade TECHNOLOGY Essay


The amount of technology that is used for teaching at a first grade level is phenomenal.
In the first grade class I observed they used technology in almost every subject studied.
Technology was used in English, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Art.
These children are more technologically literate than many adults that I know.

One of the first technologies I encountered in the classroom was the computer based
instruction center. At this center the children could pick from a range of programs used
to teach spelling, math, science or social studies. At times the students were allowed to
choose their own field of study and at other times they were directed to a specific topic
such as science or social studies. The website we used was called and there
was specific lessons available covering the holidays and the winter season. We would play
a movie online and the kids would listen through headphones while cartoon figures told the
story of Thanksgiving and the pilgrims or some similar story. A CD play with two sets of
headphones was another use of technology in the classroom. Students would do a guided
reading using reading books to follow along with a narration of the story. Although this
technology isn?t exactly ground breaking the students really seemed to enjoy learning to
read when guided by the narrator.

The most impressive technology used was the SMART board. The SMART board is a large
interactive whiteboard developed by SMART technologies. The SMART board uses a PC and a
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