Fredrick Douglas: Speaker evaluation #2 Essay

Fredrick Douglas: Speaker evaluation #2

Professor Womack

Speaker evaluation #2

12 February 2015

Speaker: Fredrick Douglas

Audience: American citizens and many whom were against slavery

Date: speech was given on July 5, 1852 and I listened to it February 10th 2015



Occasion: given in Rochester, New York at Corinthian Hall. The ladies Anti slavery

society invited Douglas to speak at their Independence Day celebration.

Thesis Statement: Douglass pointed out the hypocrisy of Fourth of July, which is the day

Americans celebrate freedom and independence, but yet many of the “Americans” were

slaves who did not have any freedom.

Summary of speech:

Douglass starts out the speech by addressing “ Mr. President, friends, and fellow

citizens” and recognizes how he came a long ways from his escape from slavery. He

states that they have gathered to celebrate the fourth of July and makes an analogy as the

nation being young as it is to a young child but there is still hope and capability of

positive change. He also gives the history of the American dRevolution and the fight for

their independence from Britain and then brings of the declaration of independence and

gives respect and praise to the signers. Then he states that the main purpose of the speech
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