Hospital review/Report

Australia belongs to a number of the countries with the developed health care system. The structure of health care of the state includes a number of all-medical, profile, pre-hospital and hospital medical, paramedical and other components. The important place in the structure of the Australian health care is occupied by the rendering of medical care … Read More»

Medicine in California

As an object for my research I have chosen Manning Gardens Convalescent Hospital. It is a small, but particularly cozy nursing unit located in East Manning Avenue, Fresno, State of California. The services are provided to the customers on the monetary basis. According the to the rating of the America Association of Long Term Care … Read More»

Health Care Economics

Health Care Economics There is no doubt that balancing healthcare cost with healthcare quality became one of the most topical problems discussed in society. People generally consider cost of healthcare services to be unbearably high and the quality of services- relatively low. On the whole, healthcare institutions are characterized by high costs of running business. … Read More»

Nursing Research

Nursing research is aimed to improve healthcare delivery, quality of life for the patients, to prevent diseases, promote patients safety, reduce medical errors, etc. The scope of nursing research encompasses various intricate subjects, which are supported and funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research, the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research, etc (AHRQ, 2009; … Read More»


Being a psychoactive drug, benzodiazepine is being ordinarily utilized as a pharmaceutical for various panic and anxiety disorders, to fight insomnia, and generally, to “relieve nervousness and tension or improve sleep disturbances”, as well as to “relieve symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as tremors” or “an an anticonvulsant or skeletal muscle relaxant” (Medicine Net Glossary, … Read More»

Dementia prevalence and incidence in Singapore

Introduction The twenty first century has brought a lot of advances in various fields and science does not stop developing and evolving. Everyone wants to be healthy and live a long and happy life without worrying about sicknesses and diseases. Although it is fair to say that numerous prior serious and even life-threatening illnesses and … Read More»

Case study proposal for healthy aging

Alice is a 70 year old female patient who has been suffering from an inflammatory bowel illness known as Crohn’s disease for 46 years. This disease mainly affects parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s disease currently has no cure; however, Alice has been taking an immune suppression drug as a means of remission. She was … Read More»

Medicare and Medicaid letter to senator

Dear Senator: I would like to inform you about current issues associated with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. To begin with, according to the current healthcare initiatives of state and federal authorities, there occur significant cuts of reimbursement that poses a serious problem for both patients and healthcare providers. The mentioned cuts result in underpayment of … Read More»

Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders Case Study 1 Michael is suffering from an adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressive mood. When initially making a diagnosis, the key aspects one must observe are the cause of the disorder and the symptoms associated with this disorder (‘Psychiatric disorders’, n.d). Michael’s disorder began when he had just entered a new … Read More»