Archaic vs Myth

We have chosen a Greek myth about world creation from the book “Classic Myth” by Barry B. Powell. Chaos and Gaia tell us a story about creation of the world (Powell 2006, 124). We know that out of original Chaos there were created Eros and Gaia. Later, Gaia as the Mother Earth is seen to … Read More»

Democratic Revival

The history of the United States of America is full of a great variety of controversial issues. Every historian has his own view on the events that took place in this now independent country. People all over the world used to consider and admire the USA as the Motherland of freedom and democracy; but it … Read More»

Native Americans

Native Americans Native Americans are regarded to be indigenous people that are treated as the earliest inhabitants of North American continent and who are currently forced to survive as intact political communities. The discoveries of the continent have shown that those people were treated differently in terms of weapons, advancements, religion, households and architectural structures. … Read More»

Social Diversity

Discussing various aspects of the culture of Latin America, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it has been influenced by various philosophies for centuries under colonial government. Despite the fact that after the Latin America became free from such significant influence, impact of the tendencies remained and it turned out that … Read More»

Western Civilazation

The authors distinguish many motives for exploration and colonization in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Thus, Reinhartz and Jones (241) considering the exploration and colonization from the perspective of Spain, cite the following motives: expansion of national power and embracing prestige, search for mythical kingdoms, curiosity and adventure, aspirations for economic benefits and control of … Read More»

Europe History

The historical period which is called “Cold War” marks the time between the 1940s till the 1990s and represents the relationships between the United States of America and the former Soviet Union. These relationships were filled with tension and anxiety of both countries. This period is also marked by various conflicts and ongoing competition between … Read More»

History and Politics in Film

Why does Harvey say that everyone must ”come out”? Harvey Milk was a prominent gay rights activist and first openly gay elected to public office. In his speech delivered on Gay Freedom Day in 1978, the year of his death, he stated that all homosexuals must come out. Coming out to one’s family allows homosexual … Read More»

Cultural syncretism

Syncretism is a natural phenomenon of mixing different cultures, traditions and beliefs. Still, this process was not the same everywhere, and it varies from continent to continent. Considering the syncretism in Africa and the Americas, it can be said that here the process have been continuing for centuries, and up to this moment there are … Read More»

Reagan Remembered

Ronald Reagan is known as the leader who was able to carry out dramatic political and economic changes. In fact, the changes came while he delivered his inaugural address. On January 20, 1981, Iran let go of 52 Americans, held hostage for 444 days, a short time Ronald Reagan became the President, the event being … Read More»

The Shadows of Youth

Andrew Lewis touched a very serious theme about the events of the 1950-1960s years. He showed the process of fight for the civil rights from the side of each hero. In the book “The Shadows of Youth: The Remarkable Journey of the Civil Rights Generation” there can be seen different feelings, characters, emotions of each … Read More»