Egypt vs Persia: Civilization Comparison and Contrast

1. Society women were equal to men; enjoyed the same economic and legal rights; marriage was treated like a duty for everybody; 2. Cultural Achievements Egypt was the first nation to be ahead after implementing hieroglyphic writing. Most constructions were built by means of mud brick and stone. Pyramids were constructed for religious purposes. Egyptian … Read More»

Political Parties

DemocratsRepublicansTea PartyReferences 1Putting money in the pockets of middle class by creating jobs in USA. Giving tax breaks to organizations that create jobs from within and not from without. Easing immigration policies to allow immigrants access the ranks of the free as long as they pledge to the American flag , enroll in American schools … Read More»

The New America

The history of the United States of America has periods of the development which from the first site are different, but if we take a closer look, they have something in common. In 1940, this country had economic and political conditions that were provided by great depression that happened as a result of overproduction of … Read More»

Jefferson and Himilton

When we speak about American history and the roots of democracy within the United States, we mostly think about two remarkable politicians of the time ̶ Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Having completely opposite points of view, these men became antagonists and the founders of the two main political Parties of the United States of … Read More»

United States land of opportunity 1865 to1900

Institutional Affiliation The decades between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the twentieth century are frequently referred to as the Gilded Age. It was a time of fundamental changes in political, social, and economic life of the United States. Industrialization, urbanization, rapid technical progress, social movements marked the period. At the … Read More»


History can be often viewed as a simple science, but its techniques and methods of verification of facts and analysis of documentary sources are more complex and efforts-consuming than it may seem from the first glance. Documentary analysis is of particular importance. The aim of this essay is to analyse encyclopaedic article on emperor Justinian … Read More»

Historical figures in Ohio

The US is known for many achievements in science and technology. American representatives performed great inventions. Many of them were from Ohio State. Edward V. Rickenbacker. Edward V. Rickenbacker was a famous US pilot and aviator who contributed a lot toward Entente states’ victory in the World War First. He was of Swiss origin but … Read More»

Change from Traveler to Tourist

Paul Fussel in his book “Abroad: British Literary Traveling Between the Wars” states that “Before tourism there was travel, and before travel there was exploration. I am assuming that travel is now impossible and that tourism is all we have left.” The question is there a difference between travel and tourism? Is tourism a “less … Read More»


It is interesting to note that since 15th century European rulers and authorities had been considerably interested in colonizing new lands in order to make their countries more prosperous, powerful and flourishing. Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands were eager to develop their trade relations, get advantages in technologies and expand their territories. … Read More»