Hk Special Identity Essay

Hk Special Identity

Compared with other mainland cities or Taiwan, Hong Kong‘s politics has created a very
special identity for the SAR especially after reunification with China (1997). Hong Kong
was occupied as a British’s colony for 150 years. During Hong Kong’s colonial period, Hong
Kong‘s politics are managed by British’s officer. However, since Hong Kong was return to
china in 1997, Hong Kong people are being Chinese national and a series of politics have
significant changes. A new idea— “One country two systems” policy has been put forth. In
this plan, Hong Kong is different from mainland, the People‘s Republic of China deicide to
satisfy Hong Kong and the western‘s desire. One of a significant difference is, Hong Kong
has possessed a high degree of autonomy and Hong Kong People ruling Hong Kong. Moreover,
the basic law is implemented of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKASR).It
makes Hong Kong being a unique city while compared with other cities’ in mainland. Hong
Kong people started to develop their local culture and try to maintain their civil and
social rights. Hong Kong has its special role regardless of the press freedom or
connection with the western. They can express their voice or unsatisfactory through
protests or marches. In addition, Hong Kong has a unique department that called ICAC which
help keep Hong Kong fair, just stable and prosperous .In this paper, I will compare
political differences of Hong Kong, other mainland cities and Taiwan, with the aim of
pointing out how politics in Hong Kong has created a very special identity for the SAR and
that is why Hong Kong are superior than other cities in Asia.

The most significant difference is that one country two systems are merely practiced in
the Hong Kong and Macau. Given that China guarantee Hong Kong people to maintain their way
of life and its capitalist system for 50 years, the socialist system and policies have not
been practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). That means Hong
Kong can follow its own culture and systems instead of fully control with China.However,
some people stay a pessimistic attitude on this unique plan. Some people who support Hong
Kong’s democratization think that Chinese government stays a tight stance for drastic
political change. Some people even worried that Hong Kong there is a threat of Hong Kong’s
freedom after 50 years. Chen Tse Mei (2002) states that the result of traditional content
analysis suggests that Hong Kong’s newspaper gradually switch their attitude to be more
conservative and self-censored after handover in 1997. They point out that Hong Kong
newspapers were cautious not to present any sensitive or controversial terms, concepts, or
pictures that would either distressed or offend the Beijing authority. Meanwhile, one of a
studies about the integration between Hong Kong and mainland which written by Fei Yu
(2008)said that although Hong Kong has implemented one country two systems so Hong Kong
citizens can possess its unique political systems and the speech of freedom and so on, in
term of political institutions ,there is still unclear and uncertain. Nevertheless, both
of Fei Yu and Chen Tse Mei acknowledge that the press and speech of freedom has not been
damaged too much and they believe that the Hong Kong media does not exist biased. Compare
with mainland and Taiwan, Hong Kong is regarded as a place where possess higher freedom
and citizens can express their opinions or unsatisfactory to the government through
various ways such as protests, marches, parade, newspaper, editorial, media. Different

classes, groups, industries have their right to take part in and legal demonstration when
dissatisfied .For instance ,pressure group always stage demonstrations for various
welfare. In 2008, after lots of parades and demonstrations, the minimum wage is prescribed
at $28/hours. These freedom are based on the basic law, it lists Hong Kong people have
freedom of speech, of the press and of publication, of demonstration, of communication, of
religious belief. Also, the right and freedom include joining trade unions, and to strike.
(BL Articles 27-38).In contrast, marching on the streets and staging demonstration is not
allowed, and easily alleged to the instigation subversion state power crime. Moreover,
almost all of the news about protesting government was forbidden to broadcast on any
media. Meanwhile, SHIHONG (2006) points out that with the advanced technologies, citizens
can absorb various information or opinions from the Internet; however, the Internet media
in other mainland cities are tight controlled by the central government .Their citizens
slightly comprehend the unsatisfactory from different classes or groups and mistakes about
the government.

Although Hong Kong people continue to strive for more democracy in order to achieve their
democratic dream, regardless of freedom or election systems, Hong Kong people experienced
a special role. Hong Kong residents can have the right to vote and stand for election in
accordance with law. They can vote for the politicians who are trusted by citizens. Though
some democratization obstacles are still existed in Hong Kong, it cannot be denied that
Hong Kong is the place where people enjoy more human right and participant in more
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