Should Juveniles Be Treated as Adults?

Human society lives under certain rules, and whenever people violate the mentioned rules, their behaviour is called anti-social and in most cases attracts attention, that by-turn leads to judgements. The most dangerous actions are classified as crimes and people who commit them are supposed to be tried in a court. However, when it comes to … Read More»


1. Actually, unconscious motif for bullying Oscar might be caused by his epicene appearance. The twelve-year old boy not only seems to look like a girl but he also behaves the same way. In addition, Oscar seems to like to be victimized as he does not resist bullying until Eli instigates him. 2. On the … Read More»

Relative and Absolute Ethics

Ethics The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines ethics as a set of moral principles that control or influence a person’s behavior throughout their life. This system of moral principles affects people’s perception of the world, the way they make their decisions and the way they lead their life. The concept of ethics is an integral … Read More»

Application of the Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice/Security Management Research

Abstract The given research paper represents the self-sufficient research containing a profound evaluation of the application of the statistical analysis in criminal justice/security management research. It should also be noted that it covers a profound data analysis, and the key points of the research are represented in the structural analysis of the found information about … Read More»

Hina Jilani

There are many women, who have significantly influenced the human history. Hinda Jiani is one of such personalities, who make serious changes in the human rights movement. Originally from Pakistan, Hinda is trying to peacefully resolve serious human rights violations in her country. Every day women in Pakistan are living under the constant threat. They … Read More»

Survey Research and Other Ways of Asking Questions

The questions address the issues of safety in a particular region chosen. Have you ever witnessed workplace violence? Do you know any people who have ever been victims of computer crimes? Have any of your friends or relatives suffered because of terrorism acts? Do you know any people who have been treated unfairly at work? … Read More»

Quantitative Experimental Design

A study conducted by Hung-En Sung “Democracy and Criminal Justice in Cross-National Perspective: From Crime Control to Due Process” (2006) examines justice system and its administration under different regimes: liberal democracy and disjunctive democracy. The author argues that “[h]ow governments react to crime and administer justice reflects the nature of the political regime” (312). The … Read More»