The Pursuit

The Pursuit is a part of the set of four paintings The Progress of Love. It was painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard, one of the most prominent representatives of the French rococo. In his article, Kissel (2009) admits that, “Few works testify more powerfully to the elegance, sensuousness and delicate beauty of that lost world than … Read More»

How Industrialism Changed Warfare

It is obvious that industrial innovations cannot but affect warfare, and the American Civil War was no exception. This war was fought differently than wars before it. First of all, the economic life of the Union states was changing rapidly in the last third of the 19th century, and these processes influenced the social relations … Read More»

Cynics vs Epicureans

Cynics and epicureans are philosophical movements that existed in the 4th and 5th centuries BC. The founder of cynic philosophy was the disciple of Socrates Antisthenes. His philosophy was based on the belief that everyone was to live in harmony with nature. According to that point of view, cynics believed that all the heritage of … Read More»

Contrastive Analysis of Cubism and Fauvism

The significance of two artistic styles of Cubism and Fauvism is seen in the way their pictorial methods succeeded in introducing new perspectives, while their most famous visionaries managed to substitute the worn-out dogmas about artistic approaches to pictorial representation. While, the two styles are quite often considered to be kindred in their origin and … Read More»

An Eye For An Eye

For as long as civilization has existed there has been a question of crime and punishment, which should discourage people committing crime. The history has seen some extreme measures, for instance cutting off hands for thieves, and vice versa it has seen some lenient measures being taken, like a few hours of social works nowadays. … Read More»

The Cretaceous ? Tertiary Boundary (k-t) Extinction

Several mass extinctions have occurred during the Earth’s history. The Cretaceous ? Tertiary Boundary (K-T) Extinction caused the loss of at least three-quarters of all species known at that time including the dinosaurs. The cause of this mass extinction is a controversial subject among scientists but the fossil evidence of it’s occurrence is abundant.

Martha Rogers

A Brief Introduction to Science of Unitary Human Beings The concept of Unitary Health Care emerged from the revolutionary work of the nursing academic Professor Martha E. Rogers during the 1950s in New York. She created the conceptual health care system that became known throughout the world as the Science of Unitary Human Beings, drawing … Read More»

Japanese Education

Whenever people start to think about education and IQ’s in general they tend to think of Japan. Japan has the leading literacy rate; at over 99% of its population having the ability to read and write. The Japanese system of education is very well organized and structured. This is due, in part, to the standardization … Read More»


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Beloved And Toni Morrison

Chloe attended an integrated school. In her first grade, she was the only black student in her class and the only one who could read. She was friends with many of her white schoolmates and did not encounter discrimination until she started dating. She hoped one day to become a dancer like her favorite ballerina, … Read More»