Facebook for Children?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, having about 350 million members who spend 10 billion minutes collectively per day. Activities on Facebook range from writing on peoples walls, to keeping in pace with the drastic change the social world. This social media is becoming popular with businesses, political organizations as well civic … Read More»

What elements are important to a good Game user interface

Recent advantages in computer technology have significantly lowered the average prices for personal computing devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and notebooks which led to the ever-increasing popularity of such devices. Eventually the popularity of electronic games has significantly increased which resulted in higher profits and higher competition in the gaming industry. Companies are struggling … Read More»

Wireless networks in future

Wireless network is a computer technology that has increasingly facilitated the use of other devices like smartphones, tablets and other intelligent mobile devices. This is because the usages of bandwidth consumed by these devices are equal to the wired connections. The convenience of applying a similar technology at any given place and time makes wireless … Read More»

Unified Software Development Process and OOAD

IntroductionAlthough the process of programming is merely technical, the process of software engineering requires much more than that. It involves analysis of requirements, planning, code writing, testing and many other operations that may vary depending on the actual task. In general, software engineering requires a systematic approach that will allow identifying the aims of the … Read More»

Database System Development Plan

Introduction Wendy’s is a fast food retail store that offers quality and fresh food to the local community. In the recent months, Wendy’s has been able to growth significantly due to the introduction of home delivery services. In this service, the client can order and pay his / her food through the online database after … Read More»

Security and internet privacy

Reasons for use/evaluationLawful Internet interception is becoming more and more critical issue for both Law Enforcement agencies and technicians. A lot of secret data that may be very helpful for crimes reveal can be obtained only when using Internet communication interception. The problem is that this data is private and confidential, and everybody who finds … Read More»

Data Communication

Speaking about data communication, we cannot but claim it to have a huge influence upon almost all present-day activities (related to IT) that people are involved in. There is no doubt that data communication appeared to be an integral part of the modern civilized world full of numerous electronic devices created as a result of … Read More»

Automata Theory homework

Q 01Proof by induction: we have a sequence of graphs where has spanning cycle, therefore base of induction is complete. Assume that for some , all graphs up to (including ) also have a spanning cycle. We need to show that in such a case would also have a spanning cycle. Indeed, suppose there are … Read More»

Mobile Godiva

Why is Mobile Godiva a good application for the company? In your answer explain their online shopping strategy. The first reason why I think that Mobile Godiva a good application for the company is because the developers of the application made sure that the customer does not experience any barriers on the way to the … Read More»