Commercial Law of The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates, each with its own unique individuality and character, but all with common goals and purposes. The legal system of the UAE has its roots in the Islamic tradition and is based on laws of Shari’a. However, since 1993, based on the Federal Supreme Court’s decision, … Read More»

Crime Prevention Program

Introduction It is better for the country to spend money while preventing crime than to face its social consequences. Crime prevention programs aim to reduce the crime level and within the origin of initiative they can be divided into local programs or programs developed at a federal level. Crime prevention can be defined as any … Read More»

Business law

Business LawAlpha Communications and Beta Publications are considered to be partners, as they did not intend to develop long-termed relations, but they rather were interested in a one-termed deal, in publishing a book under the title “Unlimited Future.” As both Alpha Communications and Beta Publications specialized in different types of publications, they decided to share … Read More»

Development of Substantive Criminal Law

USA law is based on judicial legislation. It means that the verdict for every unique case is taken according to judge and jury decision, because there are no case specific laws in legislation system. Every next case, which key features are similar to the first case, will be studied in the same way. The thing … Read More»

Mandatory Sentencing

Mandatory sentences are supposed to satisfy three aims of criminal punishment: retribution, incapacitation, and deterrence (Samaha, 2006). It is assuring that serious law violations will be punished and criminals won’t be able to harm public, while they are in prison. Nevertheless, mandatory sentence does have its pros and cons, which should be analyzed. To start … Read More»

Cloning: ethical and legal issues

The birth of Dolly the lamb in 1997 sparked one of ht greatest furors to influence the discipline of medical law and biomedical ethics since its very beginning. Dolly was the first example of an adult mammal genetically copied (or cloned). In this regard much controversy related to human cloning has arisen, especially in terms … Read More»

Law and Ethics

Case Study 1: The Terrible Tiger First of all to give conclusions on the case, it is necessary to identify the main facts and issues described in it. It is known that Brunhilde and Joy have been performing their show with wild animals for many years and it has always been successful. Also it is … Read More»

The effect that the 4th amenedmant and the exceptions to search warrants have had on Law Enforcement.

Introduction Investigating crime necessitates a deeper comprehension of how the facets of criminal should be applied. Lawful requirements are extorted from the government constitutions, federal, legislative and judicial decrees. Nonetheless, there has been confusion in the area of crime searches and seizures and the condition in which seizure and search warrants are obtained. For instance, … Read More»

Application for Employment Analysis

The application for employment that is suggested for analysis has a number of advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the application provides very detailed information, so that an employer gets practically all the information about potential workers, which will help to predict how hard-working, responsible, sensible, cooperative, and easy-going they are. The first part of … Read More»