Criminal Justice

Preventive detention and torture as part of Counterterrorism (CT) operation International law sets absolute prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, as this principle guarantees the basic human rights. The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment provides that: “No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war … Read More»

BUGusa Inc.

The case of Randy and Brian is considered to be complicated, as both of them violated the rules of the road. Randy was inattentive and instead of turning right at the crossroad, he turned left. As he turned left in a much unexpected way, he did not manage to notice that just in front of … Read More»

Ban of Supersized Drinks

New York City became the first city in the country to ban supersized soft drinks. The mayor of the city favored this proposal in the efforts to curb unhealthy eating and drinking habits. The health board of the city approved the mayor’s proposal to cap fountain beverages and sweetened bottled drinks sold at delis, restaurants … Read More»

Canadian Prison System

Imprisonment is one of the traditional measures to combat crime in Canada. Incarceration in the modern sense of the word dates back to the construction of the Kingston Penitentiary in 1835. The Canadian correctional law was strongly influenced by the U.S. penitentiary justice for a long time. However, later, the advantage was given to the … Read More»

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Dr Pepper Snapple Group (hereinafter DPS) is one of North America’s leading refreshment beverage companies (DPS). The company markets more than fifty brands of juices, teas, mixers, waters, carbonated soft drinks and other premium beverages. Among the brands operated by the company are: Dr Pepper, 7 Up, Clamato, Canada Dry, ReaLemon, … Read More»

The Human Rights Activists

A. My name is Marina Pisklakova. In 1993, I first had to encounter the first domestic violence hot line. I was quite alone and answering calls as usual. Of course, I was a counselor, and I had to counsel so many of my colleagues, women. One day, while coordinating some national survey on women’s issue, … Read More»

Community Career Interview Activity

Introduction Criminal justice is the process by which criminals are brought to justice; it includes processes that offenders are treated, and processes involved in trying to contain and prevent further crimes. The purpose of this report is to acquire knowledge on the criminal justice system in a community perspective. The report is based on an … Read More»

Battered Wife Syndrome

Battered Wife SyndromeBattered wife syndrome (BWS) is a controversial concept, which was developed by Dr. Lenore E. Walker to give a description of a battered woman’s emotional state and her mindset. According to Walker’s definition, “a battered woman is a woman who has experienced at least two complete battering cycles as described in dating and … Read More»