Commercial Laws of Kuwait

Commercial Laws of Kuwait Every country has its own rules that regulate the establishment of a business. Similarly, Kuwait has its own rules which must be followed if one wishes to establish a business entity. In order to start a business in Kuwait, a license is required, and is usually issued by the ‘ministry of … Read More»

The Polygraph and Lie Detection

The Polygraph and Lie Detection Abstract In the following essay I am going to: Explain what does the term ‘reliability’ mean while talking about polygraph lie detection; Single out several aspects of polygraph lie detection reliability; Discuss pro`s and con`s of using polygraph lie detector in the light of its reliability; The Polygraph and Lie … Read More»

Reduction in Workforce

Reduction in Workforce More Beer, Inc. is considered to be a 25 million dollar a year micro brewing company that is heavily involved in the direct marketing of its various micro brew products. But over the course of the recent online selling boom, their two direct marketing and distribution channels has led to significant loss … Read More»

Departmental Project: Strategic Plan

A modern police department includes numerous units, involved into different activities performing day-to-day duties. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the role of each unit, the role of which is critical in creating of an intra-agency and enter-agency task force. This task force must be able to fight an increase in violent crime (homicide, sexual … Read More»