King Lear’s Self Discovery

1. Selfhood is a kind of individuality a person possesses, a distinct identity that reflects the quality of being egocentric or, on the contrary, aware of other people’s needs. Two outstanding works of the world literature, the tragedy King Lear by W. Shakespeare and A Man for All Seasons: A Play in Two Acts by … Read More»

A True Sense of Volunteer Service

Volunteer service involve activities by individuals, done often, but not necessarily as members of a group, and intended to improve for one or more other people their objective situation or subjective satisfaction or both. International volunteer work does not follow the best known practice principles this sometimes proves wasteful, unethical, and detrimental. DiscussionIn spite of … Read More»

A Gentle Man with a Gun

A Gentle Man with a Gun Taking a gun is a very disputable question. A lot of people in America consider it to be normal to have the gun. The second amendment to the constitution also faces as both positive and negative reactions. This question is chilling on many levels, none of them concerning the … Read More»


Abstract Recently, most organisations have attempted to implement strategic customer management to obtain several benefits such as increasing profits and productivity by focusing on dominant customers. This paper aims to analyse the Xerox case study through three questions. Also, it provides a brief overview of Xerox and problems they faced in 2001. Moreover, this paper … Read More»

The Dew Breaker

Slide 1. The title and author’s name go here first attended by the following text: [The Dew Breaker is an elaborate novel by Edwidge Danticat, a Haitian by origin living in the USA now. Edwidge Danticat’s most works deal with the hardships of her native country and its people since the mid 1960s. The novel … Read More»

William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily

There are some stories that will never go out of fashion, because they focus on timeless themes and larger-than-life characters. William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily invites numerous interpretations, which more often than not revolve around the protagonist, Miss Emily Grierson, who is trapped by society in which she lives. The collective narrative voice is … Read More»

Antigone Essay

Sophocles’s Antigone is the story of an admirable civil disobedient who represents democratic or dissident principle by heroically resisting the overreaching sovereign power of her authoritarian uncle. Antigone buries her brother, although it is prohibited, and is sentenced to death for her dissidence. Antigone’s responsibility to bury her brother The main character Antigone is a … Read More»

Interdisciplinary Study

One of the textbook phrases about writing a research paper belongs to Paul Griffiths (1998) who admitted that, “There is no hope of doing a perfect research” (p. 97). Though this statement may sound controversy, one cannot deny the fact that writing a quality paper is a challenge. Usually, a student who is asked to … Read More»