Banana Business in Australia

Introduction Banana is one of the main horticultural products that are produced in the Australian market. Apart from that, this is one of the most consumed products with the statistics indicating that over 95% of the population has access to bananas. The large number of small scale farmers coupled with the establishment of the large … Read More»

How to Treat People

In my essay I’ll describe the ways of improving patients’ treatment at hospitals. The purpose of my research is to find some effective propositions for medical workers in order to make patients happier. First of all I want to start my essay with the main characteristics of the medical staff and then explain the importance … Read More»

Nail Salon

Develop an argument supporting the importance of a strategic plan for the success of the defined business Strategic planning entails the importance of ensuring that all the projects and functions of the nail salon become coordinated towards reaching planned goals of the business. Create a mission statement for the company explaining how the mission will … Read More»


Abstract HYPERLINK “ 54.html” 4.html Entrepreneurship is an activity that a person or a group of people undertakes after identifying a business opportunity and working towards its exploitation. This article entitled, “A Young Entrepreneur’s Sweet Idea” is about a young 15 year old boy; Nicky who ventures into the food business aiming at producing … Read More»

Comprehensive Wound Healing Care Center

At any given point of time, up to 15% of a population are affected by wounds (White, 2009). The growing need for wound care centres is preconditioned by the aging of the nation and increased number of patients with diabetes and vascular disease (Baranoski & Ayello, 2003; Pittman, 2007; Fusaro, et. al., 2008). In the … Read More»

Performance Management Process

Traditional, 12-item graphic rating scale, is not the best performance management strategy for the company under discussion as it leads to misunderstandings between the supervisor and employee and assesses human traits and behavior “quite general, often not representing specific behaviors that indicate positive or negative performance” (Attached File p. 266). This strategy is especially inefficient … Read More»

Project Methodology

Introduction In conducting a research on a project, it is imperative to consider various aspects that form the basis upon which valid conclusions and inferences can be made from the study. For instance, if an experiment is to be conducted, there is need to offer succinct information that has a clear description of how the … Read More»

Foxconn Apple workers Rights

About 3500 workers on 5th October went on a strike at Foxconn factory located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in China (Lowensohn par 1). The workers claimed that, the strike was caused by stringent quality demands on workers. These demands included indentations standards of 0.02mm and no scratches were to be found on any iPhone. Workers … Read More»

External Environment Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces Model In order to gain a competitive advantage we need to use the Porter’s Five Forces Model that will overlook all the perspectives for the business strategy of the store and thus we need to analyze the aspects that are given below, I will not explain it as we all know about … Read More»