Choice of Nursing Care Delivery Model

Patient care delivery models represent the variety of mechanisms used for organizing and delivering inpatient care. The models focus on structure, process, and outcomes. The main aim of any delivery system is to provide patients with effective and high quality health care (Neisner&Raymond, 2002). There are a few types of traditional delivery models, each having … Read More»

Phases of Emergency Management

Effective emergency management is rooted in appropriate realization of a set of complex interactions amongst the resources necessary to support it. Peculiarities of the four phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery) dictate terms of handling of these resources. It is essential to exploit resources within emergency management according to the specific requirements … Read More»

Organizations as psychic prisons

Metaphor represents a valuable tool when applied in revealing problems and developing future perspectives of organizational changes by providing non-literal meaning to the existing situation (Morgan, 2006). So they can be used for the benefit of organizations. Understanding the metaphor “organizations as psychic prisons” is essential for managers in facilitating changes and shaping the reality … Read More»


1. The governments should proceed to institute more regulation to control the banking and the financial industries following the recent global market industries. This will allow the banks to disclose their activities and their balanced sheets checked frequently and also prevented from any undertaking risky ventures in junk bonds and real estates (Harker). 2. The … Read More»

External Environment Analysis for

This paper discusses threats and opportunities in the remote and operating environments for company, relying on PEST framework and Porter’s Five Forces model. PEST framework provides four dimensions for external analysis, including political, economical, social and technological factors. For, under political factors one should consider taxes, trade restrictions and employment mostly. Taxes and … Read More»

Final Project: Case Study

First of all, we would like to say about the main purpose of our paper. According to the task’s conditions, the main purpose of the paper is creating a comprehensive Security Plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center. Therefore, we should identify the facility assets requiring protection, the criticality of these assets, … Read More»

Aviation Professionals

Introduction Nowadays, aviation became one of the most important spheres. That is why aviation professionals must be skilled in order to perform their important job. Therefore, it is important to overview the aviation and its workforce and provide detailed analyzes and specific characteristics of work in aviation. Normally aviation can be generally divided into two … Read More»

Case Study 1 – Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc.

Edward Marshal Boehm, Inc is faced with diverse challenges based on the analysis that was modeled by Michael Porter (1980). This segment of the paper offers information on challenges and possible solutions that the firm ought to implement so as to remain in the market and attain its long term operational and strategic goals. The … Read More»