Market Analysis

The University of Houston offers the best MBA programs. Its part-time program is ranked 33rd while the full time program having the 50th position. Team Rocket created a marketing plan to popularize the MBA programs and augment the University’s status as a Tier One School. The program entailed four major aspects of marketing which include … Read More»

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation Oral-B Geographic characteristics: products are used both in the city and in the countryside; the population varies from 5 thousand to 4 million and more people depending on administrative division. The climate also has no sense, can be both continental and subtropical. The demographic characteristics: the age category varies from 6 to 65 … Read More»

Chocolate Consumers Feel Guilty For the Wrong Reasons

Corporate social responsibility and green marketing practices became mainstream in the recent decades (The Economist, 2008). While some scholars as well as practitioners are ready to call it the new marketing revolution and a transition towards the new paradigm of corporate responsibility which assumes that the primary responsibility is not only to deliver profits to … Read More»

Examines the difficulties of standardising concepts and executions when communicating to consumers on a worldwide basis

When communicating to consumers worldwide basis there is always an option of localizing or standardizing concepts and executions. De Mooij, M. (2010) defines ultimate form of Standardization as offering identical products at identical price via identical distribution channels supported by identical sales and promotion programs. Variables affecting Standardizing of concepts and executions include the product, … Read More»

Summarize article about Marketing

Marketing a brand is important to an organization due competition from other firms in the market. Brand experienced can be defined as the perception or behavior response induced by stimuli related to the nature of a product. Brand dimension can be measured in four scales which include; sensory, behavior, affective and intellectual. Customers must interact … Read More»

Marketing Plan

As of 2001, there were more than 13 casinos operating in Australia (ABoS, 2001). Still few of them can compete with The Star, the second largest casino in the country. In fact, this diversified entertainment complex has become one of Sydney’s major attractions and is frequently visited both by national and foreign customers. Before global … Read More»

Council meeting

San Bernadino city is heading to the point of crisis and that is why the Council meeting was crucial to organize. To address budget shortfalls in thirteen of the past sixteen years, the City has already cut staffing levels, added new revenue sources, expended reserves, and is now faced with eliminating services and programs (Miller … Read More»