Gulf War Syndrome

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Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. Smoking has been proved to be very dangerous to health. Nonetheless 40 % of the population smoke. Actually I am a non smoker, although I used to be a smoker when I was 17 years old.

Origins of Islamic Policy

Upon Muhammad’s death in 632 AD, until the Battle of Talas in 751 AD, the Islamic faith was spread by its followers to most of Central Asia, northern Africa, and Spain. Within 50 years of Muhammad’s death, the Muslim world had complete control of the Fertile Crescent region.

Lebanese Awakening

However, the Lebanese were living through a “ray of freedom” in which they wanted to modernize and enhance their ways of life. The population density in Lebanon was crowded and that kept people in communities. The Lebanese are also open to foreign influence. They now have secure lives and own property.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

The history of the Palestinians and the Israelis date back many centuries. Judea was the home of the Jewish ancestry. Judea was conquered by the Romans and renamed Palestine. Palestine was later conquered and inhabited by the Arabs for over a thousand years. The Zionist movement arose to restore the Jews to Israel ignoring the … Read More»

Israel P.L.O. Peace Treaty

Since the founding of Israel in 1948, there has been continuous conflict between Israel and the Arab states. This conflict has been marked by six bloody wars. In 1867, during the six-day war of Syria, Jordan and Egypt, Israel captured the West Bank, Sinai and the Gaza strip. Subsequently, a population of over a million … Read More»

Islam Affects Our World

In today’s society, we still see the Islamic religion affect the world around us. A Islam militant named Osama bin Laden has been using this religion to get people on his side and attack other countries for the good of Islam. He thinks more killings will get his people closer to paradise. This militant and … Read More»

From Coexistence to Conflict

in 19th Century Mount Lebanon Mount Lebanon has been a troubled region throughout much of Lebanese history. Through most of the 19th century, the Maronite and Druze inhabitants of the Mount Lebanon region had successfully coexisted in an intricate inter-sectarian system. True to the words of Leila Fawaz, “Lebanon was at peace, as it had … Read More»