Health system USA

Health is the most important aspect of any individuals’ life. Due to that reason it is no wonder that so much attention is paid to creating programs that would enable individuals of various backgrounds to receive adequate medical care. The evolution and development of the health system of USA has been initiated around 1920s. Before … Read More»

Cloisters Field Trip

The Cloister museum is a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that not only exhibits the masterpieces of the medieval art together with the things of daily use dated from the twelfth to the fifteenth century; it also creates the amazing atmosphere of being in the Middle Ages. From the very beginning the museum … Read More»

Future Health Care in the USA

Introduction Many experts admit that nowadays the entire health care system in the USA is passing through an important definitive period. The system as a whole expects many significant changes, which will definitely affect the functions and the philosophy of the health care. There are three points on which the health care system of the … Read More»

Falls Syndrome

The falls syndrome is a very common and serious problem for people of age. There might be many factors to cause falls and numerous researches provide evidence that medication is a potential contributor (Rubenstein, Josephson, 2002). Despite the fact that in clinical practice it is very difficult to make any conceptions concerning use of medication … Read More»

Infectious Diseases

Throughout many centuries viral infections were and remain the most dangerous diseases of a human body because of their ability to involve a large number of healthy people during the short period of time. Intra hospital infections are caused by the bacteria and fungi; they develop at the patients against immune suppression background. A high … Read More»

Complimentary Modality

There are many complimentary healing modalities, such as homeopathy, imagery, journaling, massage, M technique, meditation, reiki, relaxation, life review, sense therapies, soothing music, spiritual reflection, therapeutic touch and others. Prayer is one of the modalities and it has personal meaning for every individual. This meaning comes from religious background of the patient or their spiritual … Read More»

Depression affecting the Course of Fracture Treatment

It has been already proven that depression can have extremely negative effect on the course of fracture treatment. Generally, anxiety and low mood both have a negative influence on recovery following pelvis fracture (Holmes and House, 2000). Mrs. Couture, a 63-year-old woman, lives with her 67-year-old disabled husband in their own house. Her husband relies … Read More»

Seven Organizational Approaches Paper

Exploration of human body has always worried the most prominent minds. The structure of this fascinating complex physiological unit is till a wonder to numerous individuals, as variety of things and information about it is still not entirely available and requires further research. In order to make it easier to study the human body, seven … Read More»