Oh My God Essay

Oh My God

It was just like the movies, last year on Saturday morning before the Islamic exam. I was
startled when I saw my best friend fainting in front of me. ?Oh my god, HELP!? ?Asil
fainted!? My friends shouted, and immediately called 911.

I froze, and felt that everything was dimly. The news was relayed like lightning to the
entire school; therefore, everybody rushed to help her. A circle of people was immediately
formed around her; every single one standing there felt condolence.

Asil didn?t move for five minutes. I cried so much when the school nurse was covering her
because that?s when we knew she was gone. Unexpectedly she opened her eyes gradually. It
was a miracle her heart stopped for over five minutes, and started working suddenly.
Everyone had a worried smiled on. The principle tried to enable her to stand, and start
talking but he failed. She was oblivious of the surroundings, and extremely limped.

The ambulance arrived just in time. The principle proved, in uniquely human way, that he
cares about the students in the school because he carried her to the ambulance, and
continually visited her at the hospital for the past year.

When I first saw Asil after the school incident at the hospital, she was lying in bed
tremendously sedated, but as the days, months, and year passed by she recovered. Her
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