Online Social Networking Essay

Online Social Networking

Online Social Networking
BSHS/352 Technology in Human Services
September10, 2012
Professor Valerie Avera, MA

Online Social Networking
Technology is an ever-changing field. Conversely, many businesses, and human services
organizations over the world try to look for different ways to improve and be successful.
Therefore, one way toward succeeding is by networking and linking themselves with similar
organizations. A website, such as LinkedIn can provide any business or organization to
grow and remain successful just by a click of the button. On the other hand developing
into an online community helps many businesses owners and organizations stay connected to
other agencies and the ability to offer more type of support services within the
community. The following summary will explain how human service professionals can use
social networking to connect with the community and further business opportunities whereas
staying connected with other human service professionals. In addition, the summary will
also explain how affiliating with the professional communities online can help offer more
support services or quality referrals to clients and how attending approved training
sessions provided by the online groups can keep human service professionals up-to-date and
competitive in their field.

The LinkedIn network system is a popular well-known site used by many businesses
professionals around the world. This site provides business professionals and other types
of organizations the ability to exchange information and other networking types of
opportunities. Created by five founders, LinkedIn?s website officially took in 2003. The
five founders asked 350 of their closet contacts to join their site and within the first
month they had approximately 4,500 members in the network. By, the end of 2003 they had
81,000 members and to this present-day more than 41 million members has joined the
networking website (?LinkedIn Company History,? 2011).

After creating and reviewing the health care profile sites on LinkedIn the three chosen
reputable professional business groups was Lighthouse Emotional Wellness, National
Alliance on Mental Illness, and Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center in Countryside IL.

Lighthouse Emotional Wellness is a premiere center that offers a traditional combination
of clinical services whereas a unique and holistic workshop program. The organization
additionally offers integrative therapies sessions to treat the everyday physical,
emotional, and mental struggles most individuals endure throughout life. In addition,
according to their website blog Lighthouse Emotional Wellness belief is that ?wellness
achieved facets of a person?s life, whereas the clients emotions can be a guide throughout
his or her process of change, leading to greater happiness and better relationships?
(?Lighthouse Emotional Wellness,? n.d.).

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a grassroots educational advocacy
organization. Additionally they array of services also provides self-help support to
family and consumer with enjoying the quality of life of individuals with severe mental
illnesses. Moreover, NAMI also provide the community with access to services advocates,
treatment, supports, and research. This organization is also steadfast in its commitment
to raising awareness and building a community of hope for those in need. In which,
according to the organization web-site blog they offers training and education programs
for family members, consumers, and the public that includes peer-to-peer support and
counseling within a family-to- family- setting and giving referrals for many public
networks (“National Alliance On Mental Illness,? 2012).

Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center in Countryside IL, conversely, they do not offer
continuing education opportunities or credits for licensed professionals. On the other
hand they do offer employment networking for their clients through an agency called Employ
Alliance, which specialize in job placement assistance. They match quailed individuals
with targeted employers hiring people with disabilities. Helping hands also offers
outpatient clinics for mental health (?Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center,? n.d.).
Unfortunately, not all three companies offer monthly or yearly public meetings to network
with other professionals in the health care.

In the past people use to communicate by using the postal service or over the phone. When
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