What are the 6 factors that affect evaporation?

6 important factors that affect evaporation are : 1. Wind assists evaporation; for example in clothes dry faster under a fan. 2. Heat assists evaporation; for example, in summer clothes dry faster than in winter. 3. Increase in surface area exposed assists evaporation; for instance, a wet cloth spread out dries faster than when folded. … Read More»

What do you mean by earthing?

Earthing is a safety device used to prevent a shock due to leakages arising from weak insulation, breaking of the element or otherwise. The metal bodies of appliances handled like the electric iron, kettle or refrigerator must be earthed, that is, connected to a pipe leading deep into the earth on to a metal plate. … Read More»

What do you mean by the term Radioactivity?

Radioactivity was originally a natural phenomenon in which unstable nuclei spontaneously emitted rays. The discovery of radioactivity rays has revealed to scientists a clearer picture of the composition of the nuclei of atoms, and has opened up vast new fields of nuclear and atomic physics. A French scientist, Henri Becquerel, discovered radioactivity in February 1896, … Read More»