Confucius Bk 8 Ch 7

Thesis: In the passage Confucius refutes all his knowledge, saying that although he knows a lot, there is still much more of things to learn. Confucius expresses his willingness and earnestness in teaching. Reasons: Our life is constant learning; we can`t stop learning. While knowing a lot you cannot say you know everything or enough. … Read More»

Analysis of Locke’s Passage

Thesis: Locke’s passage on property states that there are two types of property that is common and private property. The philosopher is claiming that “things in nature” are common property, so those belong to everyone, while products of labor belong only to a laborer himself / herself. Reasons:Everything that exits in nature (around us) has … Read More»

Confucius Bk 15 Ch 8

Thesis: According to Confucius, a strong-minded scientist and a good man will not use their virtue for their own sake. Their morality is such that a man will rather risk his life in order to preserve his virtue full. Reasons: Good virtue stands higher than his life to the owner of this virtue, so he … Read More»

Confucius Book 7 Ch 2

The paper is dedicated to the general principles of the Confucianism, as they appear within the course of Introduction to Asian philosophy and due to a thorough analysis of Confucius, Book 7, Chapter 2. Later followers of the Confucius will be analyzed poorly, concerning mainly Mencius. According to the teaching, paper will be divided into … Read More»

Religious Service

I have visited a lot of Muslim countries and visited a great deal of mosques recently. I evidenced a lot of religious services in mosques. Thus, I attended a Friday religious service in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The word “Islam” has the same root as the word “peace” in the Arabian … Read More»

Confucius Bk 13 Ch 3

Thesis: According to the Confucius statement, in order to achieve the harmony in society, there is a need of names rectification. Confucius consider that the chaos is mainly caused buy incorrect and inappropriate usage of names (as it is presented in the ) famous conversation between Confucius and his student Zilu) Reasons: Clear identification of … Read More»

Managerial Incentives

In philosophy there are two opposing points of view on corruption and its regulation in economics. These ideas (to some extent) can be applied to governmental sphere. However, it is impossible to choose one of two theoretical perspectives to describe the Congress and the Senate of the USA: elements of both viewpoints are necessary. To … Read More»

Short Answer Essay

1. The first creation story in Genesis 1.1-2.4 is more elaborated when compared to the second creation story in Genesis 2.4-3.24. Genesis 1 story tells about how many days it took God to fulfil the creation, it describes the way forces of nature looked like before being formed into the world as we know it … Read More»

Module 8 Reading Guide Questions

1. According to Socrates, the virtuous life is to be preferred and fostered because it is connected with nature of Gods and the right course of things. The philosopher expressed an opinion that everything just is directly correlated with Gods and their will, hence, just behavior, morality and virtuous life are sacred. It is important … Read More»