I Am Someone

For example, in example of line two, “I walked past a dead face.” She, the author, starts using these words by explaining that she is in a terrible life time, going on hard times in life, by this line at the beginning of the poem; she starts telling the reader that what the poem is … Read More»

The Struggle of Art in Kubla Khan

Our first glimpse at the emerging pattern of imagery comes when the speaker describes “gardens bright with sinuous rills/ Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;” gardens produce lush and natural imagery of plants and flowers, and “sinuous rills” seems almost seductive, hypnotizing the reader down its winding path (v.8-9). We can also see the garden … Read More»

The Life of William Carlos Williams

At the University of Pennsylvania, he stuck to his word, practicing medicine and writing poetry. His parents really influenced him to study to become a doctor so Williams worked extremely hard. In college, Williams was befriended by poet Ezra Pound. He was the main person who encouraged him to continue writing poetry. Williams would come … Read More»

The Hawk Essay

The issue of power versus weakness is transmitted strongly in both poems. In ?§Hawk roosting??, the hawk?¦s image is captured in an authoritative tone, especially by the enhancement of first person view. The hawk?¦s domination and power is highlighted in the poem by describing its supreme position above all in almost all aspects of its … Read More»

The Flea

In the stanza 1, the speaker creates likeness between the fleabite and lovemaking. I interpreted the first two lines, “Mark but this flea, and mark in this, How little that, which thou deny’st me, is;” to mean that the woman doesn’t reject the flea entree to her body, yet she denies the advancements of the … Read More»

The Echoing Green

The nature also seems to join in with their joy as the sun shines with sheer brilliance over the playing children. The azure sky also seems to be smiling at the joy of these innocent children. The whole atmosphere further seems drunk with high-spirited fervor; the church bells add their sonorous chimes to this festive … Read More»

Seven Ages

My cheeks are wet with tears Eyes close of their own accord As I face my worst fear Wrinkled skin and liver spots

Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

In the first stanza, Frost attempts to do many things: he illustrates the setting; he describes the roads; and he explains the significance of the roads. The setting of the poem is drawn in a yellow wood, which suggests that it is autumn. In the following line, “And I’m sorry I could not travel both/and … Read More»