Federalist Paper #15

Student Name Professor Name Government Date Federalist Paper #15 In the article in question, Alexander Hamilton presents his views concerning the nature and purpose of the Union. He asserts that the powers of states should be abridged in favor of the federal government in order to ensure observance of existing laws by local authorities. He … Read More»

Gay Marriage and Federalism

In contemporary world, the person has to comprehend the notion of federalism as an instrument, created in order to maintain safety for the U. S. government, so that its people are best represented and their best interests are preserved. Moreover, since the Constitution is aimed at granting of powers for the state governments as well … Read More»

Citizens responsibility

The responsibility of any citizen can not be reduced only to the realization of the debt or only to punish improper (illegal) behavior of the state. Responsibility includes both along with other manifestations. Responsibility is a holistic phenomenon not reducible to its individual characteristics. The state not only binds society legal relationship, but being in … Read More»

Why have the structural adjustment policies of the IMF failed in African countries over the past few decades? Illustrate your response with at least two case studies.

Failure of IMF Structural Adjustment Policies in Africa: Nigeria and Zambia Cases Dynamics of globalization and strengthening of economic and political ties between different countries lead to growing interdependence between national economies and markets. Undoubtedly, these processes cannot have only positive outcomes: global market tend to draw clear distinction lines between “leaders” and “outsiders”. Such … Read More»

How did the Constitution seek to remedy problems under the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were, after a complicated process of negotiations and amending, replaced by the Constitution of the USA. There were several problems with the Articles of Confederation, mainly related to inefficient fiscal policy and an absence of executive regulator. Congress, as a main legislative body, was unable to raise money, … Read More»

Does Graham’s essay point the way to solving the problemsof democratic rule first identified by Plato?

According to Graham(2002), in the description of democracy three indispensable elements should be singled out (p.21). They are the sovereign character of the people, common suffrage as well as decision-making by majority. One could see that these aspects are without a doubt crucial elements by picturing a governmental system where they are omitted. No matter … Read More»

Approaches to “Living Constitution”

Introduction Legislative system of the United States of America is one of the most sophisticated and advanced systems of legislation in the world. Its laws cover numerous areas of people’s lives and they are always aimed at protection of innocent people and punishment of the criminals. However, the original aim of the whole system of … Read More»

Review Edward Said’s book “Orientalism”

Edward Said (November 1, 1935 – September 25, 2003) was an American intellectual of Arab origin. He was a Professor at Columbia University, a president of the American Linguistic Academy, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Royal Society of Literature, and the American Philosophical Society. Said was a literary critic, … Read More»